Tamar Schechner from Nest Pretty Things talks styling, etsy and marketing


Oh man, oh man! I am so excited to bring this interview with Tamar from Nest Pretty Things! I have been a a HUGE fan of Tamar’s jewelry for several years.  She is so talented! She really digs in during this interview and talks how she got started, how she sources one of a kind pieces for her designs and how she calculates the pricing for her work. It is a super nuts and blots talk with a super creative woman. If you are thinking about opening a shop listen to the  advice she shares-awesome! She explains how she uses an editorial eye towards her facebook page, her blog and her tumblr blog. She has such a clear sense of style and has 3 (yes, that’s right 3) etsy shops! She has her Nest Pretty Things and her Nest Pretty Things kids  shop and a  new bridal shop!! Sign up for her newsletter and you can keep up on her news!


  • Thank you so much for this interview! I cam away with lots to think about, in particular, pricing one’s work. Love your jewelry and am sure to have many, many visits to your site having two daughters! Thanks, again!

    • Monica Lee

      I know, Tamar does give a bunch to consider, right!? I thought she was super informative!

    • Thank Carole,
      I am so glad I could help a little!

  • Really nice interview, I love the interviews that you do and this one is very nuts and bolts with a very interesting person, living in Vermont and making a living no less. I loved the ideas about collections, branding etc. Thanks Monica, great job.

    • Monica Lee

      Awww! Susan, thanks so much for listening in! I like the idea that Tamar does collections seasonally too! How about the advice that you need to tell a story….even in an Etsy shop? Great advice!

    • Thank you Susan,
      Vermont is very tricky with jobs in our professions, you really need to be somewhat of an entrepreneur and think global because the market here is tiny…

  • OMG……I’m so very happy that I just happened upon your wonderful site and was lucky enough to see Tamar through your interview!!! Thank you so very much for that!! I have admired Tamar’s shop for so long and I turn to her site when I need to be inspired myself as I build my own shop. Thanks, Tamar, for all the great suggestions and advice. Thanks for being willing to share with the rest of us….that’s greatly appreciated! I’m off now to sign up for your newsletter, Monica Lee. 🙂 Wishing you both all the best!

    • Monica Lee

      Tamar! Thank you for your enthusiasm 😉 I love that you got inspired (and thank you for signing up for our newsletter!!)

  • Oh Monica and Tamar I so enjoyed this interview! I had to even take notes. It is a constant learning experience for me. I get real active in my shop and then…next thing it’s stale again ( like right now!)
    Thanks for the inspiration.