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Maria Brophy talks copyrights


Copyrights! Copyrights! Maria is back!! Let’s get serious about business before we head into the holidays. Listen as Maria Brophy shares some wisdom on the subject. We are no nonsense about getting you to register yours! I even have a few tips how I get hard things like this done. Maria gives some insightful examples on the Read more…


Drew Brophy on authenticity in art and in life

Drew Brophy in Studio Photo by David Macomber July 2011

The sponsor of today’s episode is the talented Khristian A. Howell. Thank you Khristian! We have a Smart Creative Man today, Drew Brophy! You may remember the smart cookie, Maria Brophy who has come on SCW to bring us all sorts of good art licensing info, this is her talented husband. You HAVE to listen to this interview. I know I say Read more…


Maria Brophy shares tips on finding an art sponsor and a secret tool she uses to make contacts!


Oh, tune in to this one!! This one opened my mind to the possibility of sponsorships..Maria Brophy really applies this idea in a way I had not thought of and it could really help you too! Maria also shares a  secret tool that she uses before she reaches out to potential sponsors and contacts. This was really interesting. Read more…


What You Need to Know from Maria Brophy, Red Flag Clients

Maria Brophy is back today with some tips on how to spot a client who just might not be the best client for you. We couldn’t quite decide how to name this video…”Warning Signs of Bad Clients”  but it seemed kind of negative, ha-ha! You know what we mean though, right? These are the clients that Read more…


Maria Brophy on What You Need To Know

I am so happy to have Maria Brophy back on the show! Maria has agreed to come on to do shorter “What You Need to Know” interviews where we address a specific topic each segment! Hooray! Today she talks about contracts and what you need to include when you are crafting one. She offers such Read more…


Maria Brophy dishes, advises and helps artists understand the biz!

Drew and Maria Brophy photo (c) David Vorhees

I was so happy to connect with Maria Brophy, art licensing consultant and wife of artist Drew Brophy. Maria loves the art of the deal. She has been managing Drew’s successful art career for some time (check out their TV series) and she is passionate about helping other artists understand what they need to be Read more…

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