Susy and Keith of Pilgrim Waters

Meet the stylish duo of Susy Pilgrim Waters and her husband, Keith. I love everything about them both. So talented! Susy is a well known illustrator and painter who has been applying her fabulous skills as a textile designer to their lifestyle and home line, Pilgrim Waters.ย ย  Every product in their line is exquisite!ย  I am a serious scarf wearer so trust me, the cashmere wool blend on these is the ultimate luxury! They are so so soft and tightly woven as not to sang and they go with everything. (Gushing…love them!) The smart design involved in all they do is so incredibly refreshing to see. The tray table is so smart, it will fit in any home! Talent! Smarts! Style! I adore them! Tune in to hear it all!


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PW standNYNow-Aug2015 2


Here is a peek at some art of Susy’s. You can see more here.




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