Styling Girls from Confetti Pop

Meet the Shauna Younge and Maddy Hague! They are  two talented women (and moms) who have teamed up to create a Confetti Pop, a photo styling business and DIY blog.

I love the description in the about section of their website:

Confetti Pop is where party inspiration and reality meet up and dance ’til the break of dawn. Printable paper goods, easy DIYs, and crafty tutorials hang out here, too. If hosting celebrations and crafting party decor is your thing, come on in and get comfy. You’re going to be here for awhile.

How fun is that?

I was intrigued on how exactly their business works and I ask all the nitty gritty details in this interview. Plus you know I like women working together, so I had to find out how they got together.

I didn’t let them off the hook that easily though, I want to know how they are making money and I wanted styling tips!! Turns out they do teach a class online which I think is super helpful since photos and online marketing are getting SO important!  Send them some love in the comments since I made them do the interview twice!


photo: Jeff Loves Jessica


photo:Canary Grey Photography


  • I love this post! I was just visiting the Confetti Pop site yesterday. The logo for the “Style Lab” is superb.

  • Ananansa

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