Can knowing what you LOVE help you make better art? Better choices? Can uncovering parts of HOW you see and what you are DRAWN to innately help you make better decisions? I believ it can!

 I went on what I now call my own creative style journey a couple of years ago and was surprised to realize that I was not trusting my own aesthetic, my own voice. This journey turned out to be so enlightening (you can read here and here) that I ended up developing an entire coaching system around it. I tend to get excited when I discover new things and the more I found myself explaining it to people, the more I knew it could help other creatives for their visual style.  But that wasn’t the only reason for creating this coaching program, as I talked to people one-on-one, I learned that a lot of people were just like me. They were busy carving out a path for themselves and yet they knew that something was amiss. Sometimes the disconnect can be so subtle that it goes ignored for years. Other times, it is like a big elephant in the room that waits patiently until your children are grown or your career finally hits a stopping point that you can no longer ignore. Sometimes you might find yourself creating art or a career that you simply know deep down doesn’t reflect the real you. It is time to explore what really does appeal to you.


Whether you need to discover the style of your brand or the style for your life,  Smart Creative Style help you figure out the HOW part! 

This coaching is a process that I developed that doesn’t require you to be a skilled artist, a brilliant business person, educated, rich, it just requires you to show up for yourself and open your senses. Understanding your essence can help you steer your life, career and creativity in the direction it is meant to go in. Taking the time to get to know yourself a little bit better is energizing. It can shape your work, your wardrobe, your home and yes, even your vacations, most of all it can help you as a creative person.

It gives you the opportunity to realize what sets you apart, permission to be completely authentic and tools to bring out the very best of you.

This process is now designed for you to get my one on one attention with two coaching options, you can read more about them on the Smart Creative Style website or just email me at monica (at)

The coaching involves 5 videos and several worksheets that you work through at your own pace. You will send me the mood boards that you put together per the videos instructions and I will personally study them individually and make comments via email to guide you through the process. The process usually takes a couple of weeks. 

Coaching via email is $250

If you would like to have a one one phone  call for an hour along with the email coaching it is a total of $375


“Monica Lee was the catalyst that fueled not only my growth as an artist but my explorations and discovery of my own life’s purpose.
When I first contacted Monica for coaching a few years back, I was feeling extremely lost, unsettled, confused and depressed about my work. I was caught in a cycle of comparing myself with other artists and illustrators…I would start to see success and then quickly it would fizzle out. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t “make it” as an artist! So, I mistakenly tried every kind of different art path…greeting cards, letterpress stationery, art prints, birth announcements, wedding invitations…and I enjoyed each. But nothing felt fulfilling. Nothing made me happy and I certainly wasn’t making enough money to contribute to our family income! I was all over the place!!!!
Monica asked me the tough questions and was able to zero right in on things I was struggling with just by looking at my work. It forced me to face my weaknesses, my fears, and my “why.”
I didn’t have an answer as to “why” I was an artist. What was my motivation? What mattered to me? Monica was able to see some of the style themes in my work that I hadn’t quite noticed…she was able to tease out the aesthetics that made my work MINE. I left our conversation energized but befuddled…I needed a lot more introspection and time to think!
It has taken some time, but after quite a spiritual journey and a lot of reading, soul-searching, and deep conversations with my husband, I have found my “why” and that has unlocked my creativity and squashed my fears about pursuing my dreams to be a full-time painter.
Monica is understanding and sympathetic to the artists’ plight; but is firm, sure-footed, and an expert guide who pulls you out of the muck and onto the clean path. She forces you to face the things you might have been avoiding so that you can deal with them and move forward.
I’m grateful to Monica for her no-nonsense attitude and her enthusiasm toward my work. I left her feeling like I was getting on-track and I whole-heartedly recommend her without reservation to anyone struggling with their confidence or their work’s direction.” -Megan Carty Artist


“Monica’s content covers all aspects of finding your creative style with videos, worksheets, and creating your own mood boards. She digs deep so be prepared for the work of discovering your authentic self. Her process of self discovery and guidance is targeted for the creative person and was right on! I have been transitioning out of one design business and into another for way too long. I didn’t have the knowledge of how to build a brand or the courage to change my style, but now I do. This was the right inspiration at the right time, thank you Monica for the Smart Creative Style experience.” -Claire Marshack Fine Artist and Designer

“What makes Monica a talented teacher is how she posed questions and really made us reflect on our answers. She would see things in our moodboard assignments (nature, style, etc.) that no one else saw, and relay it in such an encouraging and in depth manner. I learned that there is no one else like me. Yet, there are so many others that feel the same. And maybe, just maybe, my art will speak to them. I like that I KNOW what I like and I know WHY I like it. Monica is completely transparent, honest, and authentic. She creates an online classroom that is full of love, encouragement, and self-discovery”  -Heatherlee Chan Artist
“You’ve heard it before: You need a unique voice, a style that’s all yours. But does anybody tell you how to define it? Monica Lee’s Smart Creative Style course takes you on a fun, guided journey to realizing your creative voice and then some. Once I worked through Monica’s fun exercises, I discovered that while I had a sense of “my style” I didn’t realize just how strong that aesthetic actually was ~ and how I wasn’t utilizing it to its full potential. Eye opening, to say the least! If you have a chance to do this class, do it ~ discover what sets you apart (even if you think you already know – you might be surprised)!” -BJ Lantz Illustrator and Designer