Stasia’s Lessons

I know you will love Stasia Savasuk  as much as I do. Her energy is infectious and her story so touched my heart!

This is a must listen! Stasia created Thrift Me Pretty and it has morphed into something much more meaningful than looking for  fun  vintage finds. She believes that your outside should reflect who you are in the inside and she learned a good part of that lesson from her daughter. Her daughter has taught her (and has blown her mind-in a good way)  on what it really means to have insides and outsides match up. You simply HAVE to tune in and hear this story because I have a feeling Stasia’s story is going to be in Oprah (or some show LIKE Oprah!)

This duo has such a great tale to tell and Stasia is telling it via social media with the hashtag #styledbymychild, you can follow her here.   ALSO, in this interview she talks about what she covers in Stasia’s  Style School coming up in Oct and I was impressed! It really sounds like it could be very enlightening.



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  • Kelli P says:

    Great interview! I love her story and wish she was around in 2008/2009. As a stay-at-home mom I lived in sweats and t-shirts. I felt miserable wearing that uniform but figured I’m just a mom now. I don’t need to dress to impress. WRONG! I’m still trying to undo the damage those “ideas” had on me.

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