Stacy Altiery from Inkspot Workshop


I met Stacy on a trip to New York City and loved her instantly. She is a bundle of fun energy and go get ’em attitude. You will enjoy her story,  it is filled with good old fashioned ingenuity. She creates custom stationery and gifts for you and your furry friends at  Inkspot Workshop. Her customized gifts would be perfect for a special back-to-school treat and would make terrific holiday gifts. Tune in and hear about her first forays into computer graphics! Stacy is the perfect example of working her business out.  She didn’t let anything stop her from figuring out what people want and then figuring out how to make her business happen!

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  • vanachupp

    Loved this! My two lady friends:))))

    • Stacy Altiery


  • Stacy Altiery

    Thanks for having me Monica! Loved our chat!

    • This was fun! I hope to meet up in NYC again, but this time I want to go to dinner too! haha!

  • Lots of great advice – wow! Thanks for sharing. I think sometimes as a designer, we have these ideas, but it’s hard to put it in action… like how the heck you produce products and inventory and all that jazz… yikes!?!