Smart Creative Women is a web TV show that features women in the business of creativity. Host Monica Lee talks to some of today’s most inspiring women. The video format on Smart Creative Women enables a fun and intimate format for viewers to have fun, learn and be inspired. Smart Creative Women is also a host to guest bloggers with articles on marketing, health and wellness and business resources. We feature:

Artist * Crafters * Interior Designers * Fashion Designers * Business Bloggers * Manufacturers * Retailers * Agents * Authors * Lawyers * Consultants

Basically we chat with creative women entrepreneurs in all shapes, sizes and industries. Our goal is for you to meet women today carving out a place for themselves using their very best resource, their creativity.

We get to know and share how they got started, what inspired them and how they grew their businesses. There is nothing better than to meet other women who have started their own business endeavors and learn how they did it; on a shoe-string budget, managing to keep their heads above water and still being able to balance family and business.

Smart Creative Women’s mission is to uplift and elevate the spirit of creativity online in an on demand video format. The interaction in our community is a key to it’s grass roots growth.


We air 30 second evergreen video spots before our episodes, email for more information about collaborating with Smart Creative Women

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