Speaking of Blossoming…


Over the weekend Amy Butler sent a link to the newest issue of Blossom Magazine. I thought I would just take a quick peek and quickly realized that I was sinking into a  joyful treat. Deep, thoughtful articles and visual eye candy had me glued to my seat. As Amy gets to know herself in a more intimate way, her work just keeps getting more spectacular. I wanted to post the link and show you something I think is SUCH A GOOD EXAMPLE of inspired interpretation!  A recent sojourn to Egypt fueled Amy’s soul and the result is her newest fabric collection, Hapi. I mean, look at these images side by side! She stays true to who Amy Butler is and yet pushes herself beyond what you might expect from her. I think the result is beautiful!! She has captured the vibrancy of this desert place is a stunning way. Interpreting what inspires us can be tricky at best, Amy and I have had lengthy conversations about rusting your intuition, it is just so amazing to see the results when you do! When Amy trusts, big things happen. She has retreats and trips planned this coming year, oh my! Now we are talking about life candy!!


Not to be outdone in the inspiration department, David Butler, the creative mind behind Parson Gray got inspired for his latest collection on a trip to the Grand Canyon. I love seeing inspiration laid out like this! (Where will they go next!!?) You really need to take a look through this issue, your mind and your spirit will thank you! Here is the link: Blossom Magazine Issue 2