Some fun news at Smart Creative Women

You might notice something a bit different about the website today. I have added a blog! I am just getting the feel for how everything is going at Smart Creative Women. Getting the interviews up and going was my first priority and I am in the process of finding that rhythm. I realized that I am not finding the time to write “articles” per se but I do have a lot to talk about (naturally!) The term “blog” seemed to be a better fit. I still blog occasionally over at Monica Lee Studios about my art and fabric (I am taking part in a big blog hop starting Wed. There will be here will be giveaways from all sorts of fun folks)

I wanted a place here at Smart Creative Women to highlight you all and I thought this would be a great place to keep the conversation going and to make announcements etc.

I am thinking of making a column called “Listener Friday.” I notice that when I get comments and sign ups that some (most) of you all have your own businesses, blogs, and creations. I thought highlighting listeners work on Friday would be a good way to introduces ourselves. I also thought that it might be fun once we discover who is doing what that maybe some partnerships or friendships might be forged.  Feel free to send me some info to get started…and then be patient with me as I get the ball rolling. I would like 2 -3 jpgs along with what you create and where you are from and how we can find you online.

What do you think, are you in?

  • Sounds great! I kind of already thought you were a blog, but just with lots of videos! That said, I do prefer written articles, just because I can dip in and out of them. To sit down and watch a video just requires uninterrupted time I can’t find at the moment. Keep up the good work though, I love the site so far.

  • Monica Lee

    I know, they kind of are-I feel like (to me anyway) the video interviews are episodes, especially since to create them in advance. I am planning on making the video interviews in mp3 files so you can listen in your car or at the gym. I need to find the time to figure it out!

  • I’m in! Great idea! I LOVE your videos-I listen while I’m painting. xo

  • Monica Lee

    Thank you so much! Send some jpgs over when you done painting and done listening 🙂