Social Media Strategies: Alt Summit Recap

More things I learned at Alt! Even though I consider myself a big picture kind of girl I understand love is in the execution of the details. Today I am sharing  a couple simple strategies that I took away from Alt that can help you understand and market your brand!  I had to put all this on video because I knew it would take me hours to type it all out. Strategy! Strategy! Smart Creative Women have social media strategies. They figure out why people are consuming their content and work from there!

Tune in! These are some links I mention in the video:

Statigram Helps you understand your instagram stats

P.S. I Made This Eric Domesek’s instagram

Sycamore Street Press Smart Cookie test marketing on Pinterest

Handmade Charlotte on Pinterest Smart Cookie on Pinterest

Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked Shark Tank Champ! Woot!

Grace Bonney’s State of the Union on Blogging (which I think encompasses  any online marketing as well!)

I did want to add that I can’t thank all the Alt Summit sponsors enough! I think that while some large brands  are struggling with how to communicate with their customers, the ALT sponsors get what women are trying to do on the internet. They don’t want bloggers to show up as anything less than themselves and they want to work on campaigns that make sense for everyone. It is a new and tricky media world we are in, I for one am fascinated by it… Oops! That’s another post! One thing at a time, Monica!


Photos from Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis can be found on this Flickr page.