Smart planning tips from Barb Blair at Knack Studios

Barb Blair is here with some really great marketing and business tips! What started as a kitchen cabinet makeover turned into a full time design studio and retail store, Knack Studios. You know I love stories like Barb’s!

“You started out, how?”

“You quit your day job, when!?”

“You started on a budget and now you have an employee, a retail store AND a book?”

In this interview Barb talks about money, how she made sure she had a “point of difference” from other businesses and her calculated growth. You will get ALOT of solid advice in this video.  Furniture Makeovers, Barb’s new book, was a labor of love for sure. If you need some step -by -step inspiration to help revitalize some old furniture that is hanging around your house, this will get you motivated!

Barb’s wisdom and down to earth advice will be really helpful as you grow your own business. P.S. I love her consistent aesthetic in the product shots of her work!

barbblair2 barbblair3

Some pics of her shop in Greenville, SC!



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  • Guest

    Hey Monica!! This is another fantastic interview! I am inspired!

  • Meghan Irene

    Hey Monica!! This is another fantastic interview! Thank you! I am inspired!

    • barb blair

      Meghan, thank you! So glad you enjoyed!

      • Meghan Irene

        Hey Barb! You’re welcome. I am an aspiring artist myself and it was so awesome to hear how you got started and how you still keep the passion for your work today. Interviews like this are what get me out of bed in the morning. They give me hope that one day I can be like the successful women on this show, like you, Barb! 🙂 I love your work, it is so beautiful.

  • Shannon Crandall

    Loved this interview with Barb. Just making me remember my days of painting on furniture and selling it. Might have to try a few pieces again.

    • barb blair

      Thank you Shannon! Definitely pick painting back up if you love it and enjoy it! Don’t feel pressure to produce, just do it because you find joy in it!

  • Laura Kennedy Aiken

    Great interview Barb and Monica! You sure answered a lot of my questions. You go Barb!

    • barb blair

      Thank you Laura! xo

  • Misfits Furnishings

    Great interview ladies! Covered so much about a business plan with a lot of laughs. Barb is so talented and I love her book! Inspirational for sure!

    • barb blair

      Thank you Misfits Furnishings! So glad you enjoyed and laughed a bit :} Mission accomplished :}

  • Monica you always seem to have the right interview that I need to hear at the right time. I am a stay at home and surface pattern designer. I too work around time with the kids. Barb is my kind of girl. Family First. Grow organically. Money Lesson: Have Patience. Barb is very wise and talented. Thank you to the both of you lovely ladies.

    • barb blair

      Vy La,

      Thank you…..and good for you for putting your family first! You will never ever regret that!

  • Gerda Steiner

    Thank you so much for this wonderful interview, Monica and Barb. So very inspiring. I hope I’ll have that patience. 🙂

    • barb blair

      Thank you Gerda! I am so glad you enjoyed it! You can do it my friend!

  • Hey Barb, love your generous, giving energy. Especially when you talk about not being worried about giving your painting “secrets” away in the book because each person who applies them will create something different — very refreshing! I live in Wilmington, NC so Greenville, SC is not too, too far from me — I might have to make a pilgrimage to visit your store soon. : )

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