Smart Creative Women becomes Smart Creative Art


Ch-ch-changes…Oh boy! I have a BIG (but short)  podcast for you, you have to tune in to this short and final podcast as I take podcasting sabbatical. Yup. You read that right. I have a plan  for something new and fresh and nourishing. I am mixing things up a (more inside this episode)! I hope you get as excited about this new space as I am. I have a Smart Creative ART plan (no more leaving the guys out)! I am hoping to use this space to familiarize you with new and old artists and artisans to feed and enrich your soul so you can be the very best creative person you can be.

With over 100’s and 100’s of interviews that I have done with Smart Creative Women, I think a shift is in order and I really had to get to a place where I was bringing something that maybe you weren’t getting so much in your daily life. A dose of inspiration beyond your normal sphere.

I know that I have needed this and I am hoping you will like what is is store for you! You can still by subscribe to the newsletter for a  complete nourishment (haha!)  and by following along on Instagram at @SmartCreativeArt and still on Facebook at Smart Creative Women. If you have seen some pretty fabulous art that you want to share with me, just use the hashtag #smartcreativeart and I would love to see it. If you just have a fab Instagram account you like that maybe is not necessarily art related but super inspiring tag #smartcreativeaccount. I would love to see how you see because that is what it is all about, how we see and express that vision.



  • Ann Martin says:

    I will miss your podcast, Monica! I've enjoyed your guests, enthusiasm and even the cadence of your voice. Looking forward to whatever is next.

  • Hi Monica!

    Congratulations on following your heart and your inspiration. It's such a delicate thing to nourish as a creative heart and I can hear in your voice how excited you are about your new direction. As an artist and creativity teacher, I recently took a road-trip along the east coast of Australia to visit all the state galleries and see my favourite artists. I too, find going back to those things I loved and inspired me at art school is deeply nourishing.

    You're welcome to take a peek at my adventure (scroll down to see the artists from the galleries). Not wanting to spam you, just thought it was a similar journey of looking at museums that you share a love of too…

    I love the sound of your new direction – sharing a combination of old and new artists. There's so much creativity to celebrate, both past and present.

    Thanks for the work you do. 🙂 I can't wait to see how Smart Creative Art unfolds!

    Enjoy your sabbatical!

  • really lovely work!!!

  • At some level I miss it too (well, not my own voice, haha!) But feeling like I was chatting you up right in your own studio!

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