Smart Creative Schedules: Take back your time!

Turns out my instagram photos were looking a bit theme like, I have turned into Organize Girl. I need a cape! I am on a march to take back my schedule. One of the things that I don’t mention a lot online, is the elaborate scheduling I do with my son. His father, my ex, is a pilot and from month to month we work around his flying schedule. This has caused much consternation and gnashing of teeth over the years. Finally and I mean finally, I shrugged my shoulders and gave up  the fighting  about having my schedule with my son revolve around the ever changing schedule of an airline pilot. It is what it is and I was wasting too much “time” stressing about it. It does, however, play into today’s video. I am quite used to working around everyone else.  After all, I have been doing it for years.  Being too flexible was starting to work against me.

In today’s podcast, I  finally and I mean finally, am at the point where I am listening to my own “working rhythm” and setting up a schedule that works with how I like to work. It has been so freeing! A novel idea. I asked myself why I have not done this sooner. I think one of the reasons is that when you work for yourself, you almost don’t see the need to adhere to such a choreographed work week. What I realized is that if I am going to work on opportunities like I talked about here, then I need more structure. I also realized if I was going to take care of myself, find time for play and not be one giant mom-mobile, then I needed to set a schedule  and stick to it as best I could.

Here is a tip:

I have told clients in the past to set a definitive set time each week to do the things they don’t “like” and then set up a reward afterwards. Maybe you don’t like, shipping, spreadsheets, reaching out and making calls. If you are a small business owner, you are going to have to do somethings you don’t “like.” I say put it on your weekly calendar, give yourself a reward for accomplishing it and then it becomes a habit. If your rewards include martinis or shopping then be aware-that might be come a habit too! Ack!

Don’t let important to-do’s fall out of your eye sight, don’t miss opportunities because you are too busy wandering aimlessly through your week. Channel your inner parent or teacher and give yourself some structure. Structure that YOU put in place. It is working for me. Last week, I completed everything on my list for the day and didn’t even know what to do with myself, ha! It was liberating! Let’s take back our time!



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  • Love this little video! My “schedule” or lack there of was out of control. As suggested by my friend I tried and I’m hooked! The layout looks just like your week sketch you held up. Just thought I’d pass it along to anyone who might be looking for ways to get their time in order. Sorry to sound like an advertisement but it’s been the first thing to actually help me get a handle on things. Thanks for all of your posts Monica!

    • Monica Lee says:

      No worries about advertising something that is working for you!! We need as much help as we can get!

  • Zsuzsi says:

    I am 100% agree with you. It is so important to setting up our own schedule. I just started recently as well. It is still a working progress, and many times I have to adjust some task/s but it helps. Once I wrote down everything I have realized all of my BIG task for the month got smaller. Doing things in smaller chunks can help. Here is a photo ( sorry for the bad picture) of my Planner wall that is so in my face I could not miss it! Thanks again for the post. Zsuzsi

  • Dawn Brockman Petrill says:

    Yes! I have done this in the past then a holiday comes along (like Easter and Spring Break) and blows it out of the water. Your reflections remind me to get back on track and take back my schedule! Thanks so much!!

  • Thanks so much Monica for the reminder on planning your time around your needs….I so needed to hear that again because I have been letting time get the better of me and feeling the huge load of stress because of it!

  • Carin Cullen says:

    Thanks so much for the reminder. I got into this way of doing things a few years ago when I recovered from being bedridden for a number of years and had to work with my physical limitations rather than against them, but have gotten out of the habit as I have gotten healthier and more mobile. I needed to hear this today.

  • Katie Keller says:

    Great advice Monica. So encouraging. Thanks!

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