Smart Creative Business: Your Website Checklist

Smartcreativewomen_checklist Today I brought my husband, Tom Henell, back on to go over your web presence and your website checklist. Websites, Monica… really? Again???  Yawn, yawn, I know but I can’t dish out snacks and not serve up some meat as well. This is only 16 minutes long and it can make or break how professional you appear, so freshen up your coffee and tune into this video. We cover lots of good info,  linking off your site to e-commerce sites, your bio, your overall branding as well as how people find you online! Tom just KNOWS stuff. If you have any questions pop them into the comments we will answer you back in the comments! Thanks for tuning in!

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  • Love this! (Don’t look at my website!!)
    My biggest problem in updating my website is deciding what I want it to look like.. I should be more focused on the functionality. As it stands, it worked well for my school programs but now (after working my rotary) I have put the school programs on the back burner and want to keep the focus on my illustration work. This was a really helpful conversation! Thanks Tom and Monica! 🙂

    • Tom

      Laura, that is a challenge for all artistic people, who tend to think visually. The look of your website is the first step. You need to be excited about it. Then, build the functionality, search engine optimization, etc, as you go. They really go hand in hand, but you need to start somewhere. Good luck. Tom

  • “If you’re on the wrong train, every stop’s the wrong one.” I love it! Now I’m off to add some text to my home page!

    • Tom

      I wish I came up with that quote, as I use it all the time. I credit it to an individual I worked with back in the early dot-com days.

  • Laura K Aiken

    Thanks Tom and Monica! So Tom do you create the ‘wp’ for artists? Or rather do the set up?

    • Tom

      Hi Laura, I actually don’t work in WP at all. Since Monica launched her site in WP, it has been all her (with the help of some consultants). All of the websites I do are traditional HTML. However, I really do recommend WP to small businesses as it is a great platform that you can manage yourself. Monica, or I, can provide some referrals for contractors who can build you a WP template around your brand to get started. Something we definitely recommend.

  • Loved it!

  • Annette Philip, Sweden

    Thanks Monica and Tom. This is really usefull for me because I am going to build a brand new website, shop and blog. Your enthusiasm and energy are fantastic. Thank you for everything. I wish the sun is shining on you too today.

  • great interview. i love it when Tom is on… also made me think— we have to INVEST in ourselves (professional website) best way to learn WP! my designer set up the framework and then I populated most of it. highly recommend…

  • fantastic wisdom and advice! Thanks!

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