Should do’s and should have dones…we really just need you to shine

I needed to bring a little Saturday morning beauty into the world.  Here is a  painting I created a couple months ago, that seemed fitting on this rainy day. Feel free to pin it.

I have a day of painting planned today, the painting that I did not get done yesterday. I sit at my desk paralyzed with a grocery list, a gym class that is waiting to be taken, laundry that needs to be put away. Do I really give up the day to paint? Then I beat myself up, if I had been more efficient yesterday…I wouldn’t be trying to cram all this into today.

Do you feel my downward spiral? Can you relate to my should dos and should have dones? The truth is, I need to believe the words on this piece of art and ACT on them. What I am painting today is for a self imposed deadline that I am really excited about.

BIG NEWS…I have written a digitally interactive crash course! It is over at my sisters being edited. Hooray, getting closer to the release date! The extra layer is that I decided to illustrate it. One part of my brain is screaming, “Really, Monica?  That could add an extra week or two to the release.” The other part of my brain just needs to “create.” The other part of my brain that I have been nurturing to walk the walk says, “Slow down, don’t rush, operate from a place of ease, don’t overwhelm yourself with busyness, just make sure it is everything you hope it will be.”

If we spend our lives rushing towards the should do’s , what happens to the want to do’s?  When do we take time to shine? When do we take the time for stillness, for creativity, for an idea to become a reality?

I think it is about making choices over and over again. I CHOOSE to make creating a priority today. The list will wait, my body won’t decay from one class missed, I can keep wearing the clean clothes right from the laundry basket!

I need to shine at my painting table today. What about you? How are you going to shine today?

  • Cindy

    Thanks for the boost! And for sharing your beautiful art.

  • Trish @TheOldPostRoad

    So often, my art is put on the back burner by what I “should” be doing- dishes, laundry, etc. the art is what I enjoy. Perhaps if I had to go to an office to do it? No such luck.
    Thanks for this post! I needed it.

  • Thanks for the push, Monica. Why is it that sometimes we just need “permission” ?
    I have a friend who posts a note up in front of her which says, “it’s o.k. to start now” .
    I’m pretty sure that if there were 48 hours in every day, we’d still find ways to fill those extra hours with stuff that really isn’t that important instead of seeking fulfillment. This artist needs to remember and honor her gifts… off I go!

  • Good luck with your book – it sounds great. Your paintings are soooo good – you should absolutely do the illustrations for it. You are talented! I”d love to be able to paint like that. They are lovely!

  • I’m glad you posted this – I could say I needed it today, but really we all need it everyday!
    I’m looking forward to your book release, and definately you should illustrate it, I love your work. I think you should do a book tour even if its an e-book, i’d love to have a cocktail with you!!
    Now, the laundry is put away (will I ever learn?!) i’m off to paint a while.

    • Monica Lee

      Oh, Aren’t you the sweetest!? I would love to have a cocktail with you too. I simply MUST figure out how to do that, haha!