Sheila Meehan on outfitting your art licensing portfolio

Sheila Meehan from Meehan Design Group is my guest today! She has been in art licensing for YEARS! And she is sharing her experience with you, yippee! Not only is she an agent to some of today’s brightest artists (you know Cori Dantini is a fav of mine!) she also consults and is now teaching! She has a webinar coming up on putting together  your portfolio and presenting yourself to manufacturers.  Presentation is a biggie! It is on Nov 7th. If you attend live, you get the chance to ask her questions but if you book it and can’t attend, you can still get the recording. The info is on J’Net Smith’s page here. But you know me, I don’t let Sheila off the hook! I love to ask my “state of the industry” questions. I think it is always HELPFUL to get  the opinion of someone who has a large amount of experience and someone who is in the trenches selling art everyday! (When did selling art become a trench activity?!! Haha!) Tune in and hear what Sheila has to say!


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