Sean Hartnett

Recently I had the privilege to attend an Artists Open Studio out on Block Island, Rhode Island and got to visit the home and summer studio of sculptor, Sean Hartnett. To say I was captivated is putting it mildly.  His home, shared with artist and wife,  Leslie Hartnett,  is stunning. I felt like I had just stepped into a Edward Hopper painting. I was taken with the views and then I slowly began to grasp the beauty and scope of his sculptures. They are so organic  and placed in this landscape, they really took my breath away. My friend and island host,  Claire Marshack, asked if we could take some photos and I was trying to appreciate the work and snap shots as the gorgeous island light was changing. Oh, why didn’t I touch every single piece? Why didn’t I look closer?! It was simply too much to take in because the moment was so perfect. Sean and his wife live in Italy part of the year where he buys his marble and stone and then in the summer they head out to Block Island, accessible only by ferry. Well, you know the Virgo in me simply got caught up in the logistics of getting these sculptures out there. How does that all happen? I went on to his website and found a  video (so worth the watch) on his entire process, how he takes something so heavy and hard and mold and shapes it into art that is so sensual and light. Really incredible.


That is Sean in the middle, his striking white hair matching his work, talking to his guests. Quiet the view, right?



seanhartnett1  A view of his barn/studio. I mean, what a setting!!   seanhartnett8


You can see some of Leslie’s work  hanging on this outdoor wall! She creates these amazing organic faces with sea life, food and vegetables all with intricate and colorful majolica glazes. Needless to say I was enchanted.



Here is the video on his process and his home in Italy, grab a cup of coffee and watch it. You will be inspired!