Scattering Joy with Kathy Davis

I was so excited to talk to Kathy Davis about her career, her business and her personal artistic journey. She is a greeting card MASTER, painting and writing meaningful messages to “scatter joy” out into the world.

She is such a warm,  down to earth entrepreneur.  If you are in need of some inspiration, this is the interview to watch. You’ll find out just how much art the Kathy Davis Studio produces every year and how she at one time  doubted herself and her own abilities. Read: It happens to everyone but you can get past it! Kathy has pushed past her own doubts and has gone on to  employ a team of 23!  Kathy Davis and her team have sold over 400 million cards to date! Wow and wow!  They have even opened a new store in Pennsylvania.  If you can’t make it, you can shop right on her website .

Kathy not only creates beautiful art for multiple products but also has a vision to support the arts and artists. (Gotta love that!) Listen in to all the details and find out more about this amazing smart creative woman.


If you are attending the National Stationery Show stop by her booth 2658, 2759 and tell how much you  enjoyed the interview!


You can check out all of Kathy’s fabric collections at Free Spirit!

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  • Limezinnias Design

    Loved this interview! Every time I think I have seen the “best” one, there is another! Thanks!

  • Really enjoyed this interview and totally inspired by Kathy. Definitely a role model!

    BTW, I can relate to her story about knowing someone who was such a talented artist. It made me compare myself and think, well, I’m not that good so I guess I should do something else! But funny how eventually life will still take you towards your ultimate passions 🙂 It’s destiny, perhaps… and it’s definitely never too late. Gotta remind myself of that.

    • Linda – eventually that deep seated desire can overcome the lack of confidence or fear of failure …thank goodness! It is NEVER too late to find your joy!

  • Fabulous interview. Thank you for scattering joy!

    • Glad you caught some of the JOY, Heidi! thank you

  • Dana Barbieri

    This is one of my favorite interviews. Love Kathy, her art and her message. Thank you both.

    • Dana – you are a doll for saying that…thank YOU!

  • Monica, I SO enjoyed our time together! You are a great interviewer and made it painless. Being able to share our conversation with your followers is an honor and a great opportunity to connect with so many creative women! Thank you.

    • Yeah! It was fun! Thank you for coming on. You are a delight. Can’t wait to see you in NYC!

  • leska hamaty

    Fantastic interview! Touched on a great deal that makes all the sense in the world…only after you said it of course. Thank you !

  • JeneanMorrison

    Oh, my, what a wonderful interview!! This is one I know I’ll come back to time and again. I love Kathy’s spirit– so kind and generous! I think that sometimes, when an artist becomes as big as Kathy Davis, I almost forget there is a real person behind the art and the brand. It was so fun to watch her in this interview and be reminded that she is an artist, just like us! Thanks, ladies!!

  • Nikki B

    fantastic inspiring interview! Also love the animated intro…so cute! You have come such a long way.

  • Carmen Brunson

    Monica, such an inspiring interview! Thank youso much!! And Kathy thank you for scattering your joy with us!

  • Great interview! Kathy’s joy is contagious! 🙂

  • genevieve_gail

    What a JOYful, inspirational, interview- loved it!

  • pat sloan

    I really loved hearing Kathy’s story.. I’m all about the story. I interview people in my field.. the CRAZY quilters with MOUNDS of fabric.. wink! yes.. I resemble that remark! I adore your interview style.. thanks for a great listen!

    • ha!! I need to have you come on and see if YOU can be the interviewee instead of the interviewer!

  • Pattie Jansen

    A little teary as I write this…to see and hear one of my fav greeting card artists of all time in living color??? OMG! Just the BEST ever. Thank you, Kathy…thank you, Monica! I am thrilled and I totally loved every fun minute of the interview. You both definitely scattered some joy today! And now, I will wait patiently for the shower curtain collection…

  • Stephanie Ryan

    I am so happy to see Kathy here on Smart Creative Women! She has such an inspiring story and an amazing business and creative studio! Great interview!

  • Susan Knight

    Kathy, just found this interview. Fabulous! I also found a book at Jo-Anns, too. I knew you when, so to see you grow and build your company really touches my heart. I’ll never forget your/our early years, giving us all inspiration in our calligraphy guild, then watching you take off with your whimsical creativity. So proud of you. Love you!

  • This was tremendously inspiring. I remember Kathy’s cards from the 90’s and have been a loyal follower of her JOY ever since. Thanks to both Kathy and Monica for sharing your genuine creative spirits in this interview.

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  • Such a great interview! My favorite part: When Kathy talked about hiring a bookkeeper early on in her career I got chills! I’ve been resisting doing that for way too long and just this am before hearing this called a bookkeeper. It was like validation from the gods! 🙂 Keep up the great work, Monica. Love your style! xx

  • I truly appreciate these interviews! Thank you, Monica and Kathy, and all the other people interviewed, for sharing your stories to those of us finding our way.

  • Natalie Timmons

    I love Kathy Davis and her art! She’s been an inspiration to me since I first read about her in MORE magazine in 2009. Thank you for a delightful interview. It’s so uplifting.

  • Monette

    Glad I stopped by–I’m transitioning now and have the same “dilemma” with learning to focus on what I should be doing. I have a children’s book about to come out but at the same time, I still love creating patterns for surface design. You and Kathy are inspiring! Thank you for sharing this =)

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