Say Yes to Hoboken and Yes to Liz Stanley blogger, business woman and mom!

Meet Liz Stanley from the blog Say Yes to Hoboken. What started out as a hobby for her has turned into a full time business. We love that! She also blogs at Babble, Momtastic and Apartment Therapy. She shares oh-so stylish tips and tutorials for mothers like herself. In this interview she shares how she went against traditional thinking and made her blog into something she wanted to read. She talks about the business of blogging and how she manages her time and the business of blogging. (Hint: She is one organized cookie!) I think you will enjoy her “can do” attitude! P.S. Here is the fun Levis Ad and take a peek at  the gold toe flats tutorial. Here are links to the online classes that she is teaching at the Alt Channel, Blogging 101 and Exploring Advertising Options for Bloggers.

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  • Hi Monica!

    Wow… So glad I found your site. I’m enjoying the content, design and presentation. The videos are so insightful too. Thanks for this source of inspiration.

    DNT Dynamite Design

  • Monica Lee

    So glad you are enjoying it! Hooray!

  • Fun interview, I plan to look at Liz’s online courses, after I spray the tips of my sketchers with gold paint-(:(:

    Thanks again for another inspiring interview.


  • betz White

    Thanks for the great interview! I never pursued ads on my blog because it seemed like too much admin work. I enjoyed listening to Liz’s perspective.

  • Hi Monica,

    I love this! I was also part of that Alt Summit class + found Liz’s class pure gold. Your video interviews are incredibly insightful + I love how relaxed + fun they all are. Will definitely keep coming back + checking it out 🙂

    Thanks for posting x