Sara Urquhart and Alt’s new look!

I wanted to do a replay for you if you haven’t watched this interview you will like it! You all know I am a big fan of Alt Summit. They are in the middle of a big “tab dah”  with their website (next week) and they asked lil’ ole me to help out a bit  with some blogger interviews (very exciting…I will let you know when it comes together!) I met Sara briefly at Alt last January but I have tuned in to many of their online classes. Once I interviewed her, I knew I had found an inspiring woman!  Sara Urquhart is just a women with vision (and you know how I like a woman with vision!) She as put together affordable informative online classes so everyone is able to learn no matter where they live. In fact, if you jump on board now you can even get two classes free that are sponsored by Bing. All you have to do is blog about the classes! I actually really need these classes free or not! One is The ABCs of SEO:  How Bing can help make your blog a success. Hello, half the world says SEO will “happen naturally” especially if you use wordpress as your web platform. Not. The other camp gets so detailed that you get completely lost in tech details! Here’s to hoping this class breaks it down for lay people like me! The other class is a must for me, Tough Love:  What Brands Really Think About Your Blog. Sponsorship is a big topic amongst bloggers with everyone weighing in with thoughts and experiences. This should be an interesting class!

Right now most of the traffic from the site comes from you all telling other people about it!! Yipee!  SEO (that’s search engine optimization for you all who don’t know what that means) or no SEO, I am so thrilled when you share the episodes with someone that you think might enjoy them. Spreading inspiring and helpful, heartfelt stories is what I love to do!! Watch my talk with Sarah and get inspired!

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  • Susan

    I love that I’ve been to Alt and “get” the whole thing (at least I think I do) and this interview is still totally fascinating.

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