Sandra Harris on off road blogging and her own salon event!

Sandra Harris is the author of the blog, Raincoast Cottage where you’ll be inspired to be a better maker and live a creative life. Whether you’re a blogger, a maker, an artist, a writer or a photographer, she is all about helping you to create the conditions to do your best work. Yipee! We love that, don’t we?

She is also on the front end on an emerging trend of hosting local events. She calls it “Off Road Blogging” and she has put together a perfect formula for her own community in Vancouver. Listen in, this could inspire you to be creative in a new way and to be an asset in your own hometown. Needless to say, I am motivated! I am have been contemplating doing some meet ups myself and this interview was just what I needed to move forward!

Be sure to listen in or some “idea spotting!” Ask any questions and Sandra will help steer you past your fears of  hosting an off line event!


Sandra’s photography

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  • JeneanMorrison

    I loved this interview! Sandra is the coolest. I read her post on Alt Summit for introverts, and that plus the interview you did with Tom helped me manage my time there wonderfully! And while at Alt, Sandra also gave me some helpful tips on “social media for Southerners”!!

    I’ve been thinking about having some sort of creative gathering here in Memphis, but for some silly reason I have always figured I would have to host it in my home. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. But I love the idea of having it in a fun space in the community– I need to get out of the house more, anyway!

    Great job, ladies!!

    • Yes, you should do Memphis! Time to leave our studios!!

  • Kathleen Alexander

    Well, well, Monica and Sandra. The light bulb moment for me has arrived thanks to you two in this interview. Everyone says I am great at arranging get togethers but who wants to be an event planner, yikes! Weddings, yuck!! But groups getting together with a common interest, other than a meetup group, I like!!! I have lived in several great cities, all with great spots to wander and group together and love this more intimate idea of including learning something.There is a beautiful place here in SLC that has home goods/antiques and new and I think it would be so much fun to go there, have a group and either, draw,paint, photo or storytell about an item in the store…creativity abounds. And wine helps!! Thanks much for the ideas!

    • Kathleen! I love light bulb moments! So many creative people in SLC too!

  • For years I’ve tried ways to gather inspirational (Read Talented creatifs) around me. I think I’ve had this dream that I could create a community of artist friends who would meet up and we’d share our WIP’s i.e. works in progress, demo a new technique etc. It’s been hard to do this as it’s managing people. But this interview pointed out a few things that I didn’t think of; i.e. CHARGE money and host it somewhere besides my place AND network selectively to find keyed-in motivated, interesting people. And by all means add class to the affair through catering etc. I’ve been involved as an artist in such salons where the person running the event supplied potato chips and oreo cookies. . .or where it seemed the local home let some folks out who were looking for free munchies fee events can sometimes attract a crowd seeking freebies. I do wonder if an Off-Road blogging event would work in a smaller town or city or if such events work best in larger cities. Something to ponder as I wouldn’t mind attending such an event or organizing one.

    • I am so glad this resonated and has left you pondering this idea!! Exciting! Keep us in the loop!

  • Shannon Crandall

    This is a fabulous idea. I am in the process of going through the right brainers in buisness e-course and finding cohorts is one of my homework assignments. I am in desparate need of networking and surrounding myself with people who inspire me. Thank you Sandra Harris, for sharing and being brave to enough to do this.

  • Shannon Crandall

    Monica…love your blog and all of the interviews you do. I am so glad to have found your site… informational and fun!

    • Thank you Shannon! I am glad you think it is : ) fun as well as informational!! We are just an information party over here, haha!

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