Ronnie Walter, artist, writer and smart aleck

Ronnie Walter is a hoot! (And she uses the smart aleck phrase on her on website, thank you very much) I enjoy her when she pops into the Smart Creative Women Facebook page. She  always has a clever quip to add. Turns out she has quite a few “quips” and she has complied them to a book! This book isn’t just a hilarious tale of her art career (which is quite funny) it also gives you an inside look at the world of art licensing. Ronnie manages to dish some really good info about the business of making art for a royalty. As the other half of the Two Town Studios team, Ronnie offers a unique perspective on life as an artist AND life as an agent to artists.  Personally, I like it when agents have created art at some point in their careers. They are empathetic  when you scream “THEY WANT IT WHEN!!!?” into the phone. Listen in as Ronnie dishes about her new book and the state of the “industry” as I like to say.

P.S. I found her writing to be laugh out loud funny AND there is a really useful glossary of licensing terms in the back. You know I like practical and funny mixed together! You can find her book here



  • Sharyn Sowell says:

    You’re right, Ronnie is fall-off-your-chair funny but she’s such a woman of insight and depth, too. Great to see two amazing women teaming up! Love it!

  • Debi Sementelli says:

    How could anyone not love Ronnie, who just happens to be one of my dearest friends. She’s advised me many times over the years. So I can confirm that she knows what she’s talking about. And we laugh a lot during any conversation which makes it even better. The conversation between the two of you shows how much both of you gals have learned over the years in the biz. Great job Monica!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Debi, Ronnie is a fabulous friend to have for sure! You are lucky to have each other in your creative journey’s! I am loving the fonts, by the way!!

  • Beth Parker says:

    That interview was so awesome! I'm so excited for my book to get here! Thanks so much!

  • Karen M. Beers says:

    What a fun, informative interview. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and humor.

  • Phyllis Harris says:

    FANTASTIC interview!!!

  • Linda Tieu says:

    Learned so much from this interview – fabulous!

  • Ronnie is a breath of fresh air – Thanks for a fun interview

  • Monika Suska says:

    Absolutely fantastic! You can’t even imagine how yours interviews help me day by day – it makes huuuuge different when you actually hear(not read) that someone is saying that creative business it tough as a statement(well, it is hard no argue with that) but not as a complain. I love this attitude! THANKS!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Monika (nice name…haha!) That makes me so happy to hear! I am really honored to be a part of your day!

  • Pattie Jansen says:

    Well I just tripped right on over to Amazon and Ronnie’s book is now on its way to my house! YAY! Thanks for sharing your story, Ronnie, and I ‘m so glad you realized you had alot to say! Looking forward to a great read, AND definitely could use a good laugh to boot! Monica, you are just a GEM. Love your interview style and you always talk to the best!

  • Zsuzsi Winn says:

    Monica! This interview is very valuable to me. Lots of information! I am pretty much know what my brand would look like but not sure how to start. During this interview you mentioned that once you know your brand "work your self backwards". What do you mean? Would you be kind and in short sentences assist me with some advice on this?

  • that is a great question! not sure Monica will see it here on your wall.. did you repost to the blog comment or at the FB group?

  • Zsuzsi Winn says:

    Patricia,I posted on Monica's SCW Facebook. Did you see her answer?

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