Rena Tom, Strategist for Creatives

Rena Tom knows her stuff! She is a passionate about helping the creative community. Not only is she a  fabulous resource for business owners, she is quite creative herself! She has owned her own successful retail store and now she helps you take your business to the next level with her courses and workshops. She talks strategy and business and getting things in the “right order” for your business. If you are a product maker, you should listen in! One thing that I like about Rena, is that she “always likes to do something new” and I do believe she is an original thinker. It is good to meet someone like that! She shares a new and past projects like I Shop You Buy (love that!) She has classes called Retail Readiness and a class about Opening a Boutique coming up, check out the dates, if you can’t make it-she does have an eBook coming out this summer. She is one woman to watch!

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  • Laura K Aiken

    Wow really valuable information. Enjoyed!

    • Thanks Laura! It was a really fun interview to do 🙂

  • Oh just perfect!
    I have been doing one creative thing or another from painting to jewelry to consulting for crayola and visiting schools and ….
    I am embarrassed to say I JUST yesterday made a PLAN! I was so used to working around the kids (4 boys) and following creative ideas, that I didn’t make a map of my goals.
    I finally sat back and looked at my salary goals and my strengths with where I wanted to be, and then today thinking the steps backwards.

    I am a long way from being the smartest business person, but I can see how Rena’s service could make this even clearer : )

    ~Bravo Rena!

    • thanks Laura, looks like you are on your way 🙂 i love plans!

    • Monica Lee

      Consulting for Crayola?, Omigosh! That sounds fun!

  • It was fun for a long time. Until creative programming changed and the program I was working with shifted from creativity in the classroom to mostly selling ; p
    I was very lucky to work with them during that fun time!

    Now I write my own programs and create Arts in education programs, teacher workshops, and recently wrote an Artist E-pprenticeship for artists who want to take their art out of the studio and into schools. : )

    I love Rena’s interview! It came to me at the perfect time I needed to hear it! Don’t you love that!
    : )

  • I have subscribed to Rena’s newsletter for sometime now, so it was an absolute delight to catch the interview. Good questions asked, informative answers given, and much food for thought for future plans. Thanks so much to both of you for sharing your unique talents with us.

    Although I am old enough to be the mother of either of you, in my heart I am still as excited about business, creativity, and entrepreneurship as I was when I was young. What the two of you bring to the creative community is so valuable, and with each passing day I continue to be genuinely moved by the desire of so many young people to help others succeed.

    I feel it is important that Americans remember that our country was founded with mom and pop businesses, some of which grew into the large companies whose names became household words. With our present economic problems and millions of people unemployed, I believe entrepreneurs with small businesses and more coming on board daily will be the ultimate solution for our communities to survive and thrive.

    I wish both of you great and continued success in all of your endeavors.


    • Monica Lee

      Marian, This is the sweetest comment! I think is grand that you are excited about business, creativity and entrepreneurship. I can’t thank you enough for your kind, kind words! I believe in Mom and Pop’s too!