Recommended podcasts!

So this is what I have been up to…painting! monicalee_art

And I have  been selling them. I got a feature one day on Design Sponge and suddenly I was packing up work and moving it out of the studio. Love it!  The small ones are almost sold out and since I seem to be able to say more on a bigger canvas, I am not sure how much more small work I will do. It is a conundrum.

So, I am hoping to release a line of prints very soon from a  few of my favorite works. I am typing this out p-u-b-l-i-c-l-y so I will follow through and actually do it. I should probably give myself a deadline, since it is the only way I seem to be able to execute things so I am going to promise…mid summer say, July 15th! gasp. A deadline.  If you are an original art person, there are a few left and I have popped a few more into the shop under small works.

Since these big white canvases have taken over my life I can hardly bring myself to sit in front of my desktop! BUT I do find myself having girlfriend conversations with you in my head (I know, weird, but hasn’t that ever happened to you?) I wanted to share who I am into and what I have been listening to as I work.

Podcasts I have listened to recently that I have loved:

India Mahdavi with Garance Dore  : India is an renowned architect, designer and decorator. Absolutely charming and down to earth. Why is it we sometimes are led to believe really talented people are not down-to-earth? Her designs are feminine, sensual and smart. Just gorgeous! At the 36 min mark, I love her take on color and how she likes that they talk to each other, even if they fight or insult each other. Fabulous! India Mahdavi website.


Germain in Paris (must visit next time I am in  town!)


Sketch in London, I did get to pop in here last January, very fun!

Ali Cavanaugh with John Dalton : This is a 2 part interview and I encourage you to listen to both parts. The talent, wisdom and experience that comes when Ali is interviewed so helpful. Her insights on her the art business are invaluable. These were recorded a couple of years ago, but naturally, an artists journey is timeless! Can you believe these are watercolors? If you haven’t learned how Ali came about her technique, you are in for a treat. I recently got to spend some time talk to Ali about my own art and it was so wonderful, she has a keen eye. Ali Cavanaugh website.




Vanessa Prager with John Dalton:  Vanessa’s technique is just interesting! If I am not mistaken, she has show running through June 17 in Santa Monica, CA. That’s this week if you live close. Her take on being self taught is one that I like. Vanessa Prager website.



Jen Sincero with Vickie Howell :  Not exactly an art podcast, I know. But both Jen’s books are so so good, life changing, honest, hilarious that I keep recommending them to everyone! I decided to start listening to interviews with her. A lot of the interviewers asked the same questions and Jen supplied the same good answers but then I stumbled across Vickie’s interview. I have met Vickie and I seem to recall a pretty candid conversation we had about money and crafting and doing things by hand. It was an unusual match up to see Jen on her podcast but it was really good because Vickie had honest, heartfelt questions about overcoming her issues with money once and for all. It was personal for her and that made it personal for me. That’s when an interview is at it’s best! You can find out more about Jen’s books, You are a Badass at Making Money and You are a Badass here.

Jen Sincero credit Brandon Soder.NEW_

I’ll being share my reading list with you soon. Until next time, follow me on instagram to see some work from my studio. XO, Monica Lee


P. S. This is where the rest of the yellow lady from Germain is…upstairs! Hooray for imagination!