Recipe for a Smart Creative Woman

I was writing out a pie recipe recently and thought of this when I saw the blank recipe card in front of me. What is a recipe for success?   What are all the ingredients that you need to make something astounding happen in your life? I put my thoughts down for you!  Print it out, hang it on the fridge! You can download a full resolution of my version here. If you would like to fill it out yourself on a blank version of the recipe card you can download it here. (You can use it for pie as well!)

What do you think? What is your recipe?

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  • Terri Conrad

    Hi Monica,

    your recipe card is adorable and something I need to pin on my computer for a sweet daily reminder. You must be loving what you are doing here at SCW – we all do ;o)


  • Monica Lee

    Wow Teri! Thank you so much for saying that! That means a lot to me. I really appreciate your support.

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