Recap and mini interviews from Alt Summit

Here are the sites of my interviewees! Scripps Networks Interactive * The Curtis Casa *Design Milk *Design Crush*The Proper PinwheelStefan Sagmeister *Barrett Ward

Ok! I am back with a few mini interviews from my trip to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. I stuffed as much in my brain as I could but I also wanted to hear other people’s impressions.  In hindsight, I wish I would have walked around with a mic in hand to talk to everyone…next year when I know how to film and EDIT!  Ladies, love me, love my editing! I went a tad nuts in an effort to avoid unpacking and I added still shots in  this video (and below)  from Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis-fab photographers.

Here are my takeaways and I will admit ahead of time my mind doesn’t always work like everyone else’s…

1. I learned how to use Instagram correctly (who know there was an incorrect way!) I am now SmartCreativeW  just like my twitter handle. I also realized it is really a chatting/imagery tool not a marketing tool. Good thing I am chatty, I may be addicted.

2. Erin Loechner gave me permission to delete my email account and as she put it, “start fresh.” Not sure exactly how that looks but if you don’t hear back from me, I did it wrong.

3. Hiring help can dramatically grow your business. Scary. On my to do list.

4. Work ONLY during your “golden” or most productive hours which means if you see me goofing off online in the morning, tell me to get back to work.

5. Engagement with your audience can be more important than numbers on your site when approaching sponsors.  This is a bit of a shot in the arm for a people person like me.  So thank you for commenting on the episodes and posts, it makes a difference. I personally love it and I know the guests are so encouraged by it.

6. I got really excited about the idea of working with sponsors.  Somehow it clicked in a new way, supporting businesses that support my content for you all  really got me going. Having said that, I would ask that if you like the content on SCW, tell a girlfriend, your mom, your sister…! As Smart Creative Women  grows, the opportunity for sponsorship grows and I can keep bringing you wonderful guests!

7. It’s okay not to have a top knot. I may be in that weird “is she a granny?” age range anyway.



  • heather stillufsen says:

    ha ha ha! I love the last comment about the top knot! I am watching your video now!

  • Sherri Ohler says:

    Okay-I am officially way out of the cool people loop. Lol I have never even heard of ALT! I thought you were in ATLANTA haha. Thanks for the great info! (As usual 🙂

  • colleen attara says:

    Monica…running to the kitchen to make my sweetie a quick egg b/4 he runs to work and I head to my studio, but I had to tell you….I love your observations. You just keep getting more real. More you…

  • Katy Neale says:

    What a fun video! Captures the energy beautifully. I so want to go now! I’ve heard of ALT but only just couple months ago. Some day . . . (perhaps when my blog is actually more then just a couple pages!) Thank you for your wonderful website! It’s a fantastic resource!

  • Kathleen Alexander says:

    OK. Now I get what ALT is about and what goes on there from an attendees perspective a bit. I thought it was only for famous bloggers but I see even if you’ve had a blog for awhile, you are always improving, changing and keeping current. The internet and world is changing so fast that I can see why attending summits like this are important!. It’s on my list. Meanwhile, spreading the word about SCW! Love the interviews on the fly. You should do that more often!! And please put George Clooney on your list. Who cares what he says, I just wanna look at him.

    • Monica Lee says:

      yes, the online current does change rapidly! AND Too funny! Yes, I will add George to the list…maybe I would get an invite to Italy, haha! THANK YOU for spreading the word!!

  • Lesley Breen Withrow says:

    What a great video, Monica! Looks like an amazing conference. I think this will be on my ‘to-do list’ for next year!

  • Joody Park says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love every single video on your blog and this one, i also loved! I’ve been wanting to hear what goodies were discussed at ALT Summit so thanks for sharing! Will you be sharing more tips with us? Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  • Sheila Delgado says:

    Loved this look at ALT, thanks Monica! ALT is on my to do list… along with meeting YOU! ( who knows, maybe next year I will be stalking the stalker. ha ha ha)

  • Hello Monica Great info on great people. Loved this, tweeted it and your new instagram site. Looking forward to more wonderful interviews and info from you.

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