Rachel Shingleton from Pencil Shavings Studios talks business, branding and stripes!

I am super excited to bring you this interview! Rachel Shingleton is a mover and shaker and I think her story will light a fire under you. I know it lit a fire under me! She is a blogger and creative director of Pencil Shaving Studios. What started out as a way to express herself turned into quite the buzz worthy brand. Her  blog and etsy store  have turned into a healthy business which in turn has led to national media attention and to some  very interesting opportunities.

In this interview, Rachel talks about what led her to open an online store and what she thinks it takes to stand out as an indie retailer online. I appreciate that fact that she kept this conversation very real. She is sweet and savvy all in one package!

Don’t miss this episode, Rachel is one to watch!

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  • Kelli Proia says:

    Great interview as usual, Monica. I particularly liked what Rachel had to say about the importance of branding yourself. Also her money lesson was an interesting one. I’d be curious to know what she would do if asked to “stock up” again.

    • RachelShingleton says:

      Hi Kelli! Thanks so much for watching the interview. As for your question, can you clarify a little more what you’re asking? Are you asking what I would say about carrying a lot of inventory for a sale, etc such as the online sample sale I participated in?

      • Kelli Proia says:

        Hi Rachel. I was curious how you would approach the situation if you were asked to a flash sale again.

        • RachelShingleton says:

          Ahh, gotcha — ok, I was recently asked back to do another flash sale, but I was very up front about my disappointment with the first event. Specifically, I did not like that my brand name was nowhere to be found (hence, promises of “It’ll drive so much traffic to your site!” were definitely unfulfilled), and I told them that I would be happy to participate in the sale again with the stipulation that it was only to get rid of the leftover inventory from the first sale. They were very understanding of my other concerns. Don’t be afraid to be honest and if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t going to be right.

          Lesson learned = I should have gone with my gut, which was telling me that I shouldn’t commit to so much. I should’ve spoken up for myself.

  • JeneanMorrison says:

    Such a great interview! Lots of great info, as usual! And I absolutely LOVE Rachel’s cool stripey style!

  • laura k aiken says:

    Hi Rachel and Monica! I enjoyed your interview today. I always learn so much. Rachel you have a really fun style that I just love. CLEAN LINES! Thank you for sharing your business with us. Now I am off to check out your blog again.

  • Laura K. Aiken says:

    Thank you Monica and Rachel for your informative interview! You have a great blog and website. I must say too that your designs are so hip and modern. Just love them. Those nice clean lines. Thanks again for sharing yourself with us-Laura.

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