Q and A with Monica Lee

I was invited to answer a Q and A session with private Facebook group Watercolor Designers. It’s a invite group but they love to have fellow watercolor artists in the group, so feel free to ask for an invite. In this Q and A I discuss STYLE, how I found mine and how you can really nail yours too. It is simply one of my favorite subjects! I also talk about my journey as a sales rep in the gift industry and why it is SO important to understand how people shop AND why I started XO, Monica Lee. I cover how to incorporate trends into your particular style and how it applies to you getting your art on products.

If you are interested in Smart Creative Style , I get detailed on what it is all about and how it can help you and how I have applied it to my business and how it is helping make decisions every day! 11807623_10153036400542997_5658904507979834528_o



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  • I love your comment about, "I like it and that's what counts right now" rather than trying to prove what you're capable of doing;) Very freeing to listen to.

  • Monica– Do you think the Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market put out annually by North Light is a valuable resource for finding art users?

    • Monica Lee says:

      You mean Art Buyers? I have not picked that up in years! Which might indicate whether it is current and valid. It is inexpensive enough to purchase and tryout. To get could clients you do have to invest in your marketing, I know once I did that, that is when I started getting good work.

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