Pretty Please, A Smart Creative Women Survey

You know a whole bunch (probably too much!) about me but I don’t know enough about you! Let me get to know you a bit better! If you would take a minute and answer a few questions for me, I would be oh-so-grateful

  • Thanks! cute survey! 😀

  • Just filled it out. Thanks. Good questions.

  • Hello Monica,
    am trying to find the link to the survey, will you help me out?
    FYI yours is the only blog or vlog I watch religiously. I’ve recommended this vlog to others. Why? You ask the most PERTINENT questions esp. when it comes to how an artist/creative financially launched themselves into their own business. Many tell you the same old hype of using social networking but you avoid the clichés and get to the bare bones of valuable information. I feel you should be on TV.
    Suzanne U.

  • Just took the survey…hope it helps!

    LOVE your darling pink coffee pot ‘n cup 😉

    I recently discovered your blog, Monica, and I am SO enjoying watching your interviews!
    It’s just a delight to listen to your chats, your questions, and it’s more than wonderful to be able to “meet” all these incredible, talented, uber-artistic women. Thank you!!!!

    Pattie J.

  • I enjoy watching your interviews.
    Thank you for bringing us the best to learn from!

  • Kate

    Hi Monica! Thanks, as always, for your wonderful interviews and resources!! I just filled out the survey.

    Kate. :0)