Pins and Needles shop owner Rachel Low talks about her journey as a start up

Here is my conversation with Rachel Low, she is such a dear and has a great story to pass along. Love me through the transitions of having a rough Skype connection! AND I know I need to look into the camera, yikes! Rachel had great things to say about her journey, how she had learned to seek out help and that she can’t be everything to everyone. That sounds like a classic female issue! It is interesting to hear how she worked through it. If you mention that you watched this interview (there will be a quiz, joking..sort of) when you are at her store you will get a 15% discount! Yipee!


Pins and Needles is at 1045 Lexington Ave, NYC. That is between 74th street and 75th on the second floor. You can check out her up class offerings here and keep up with her great blog here.

 If you can’t get to her store in NYC, you can shop online here.
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  • Love it! So fun!

    Try dragging your Skype window to the top of your screen just under where the camera is. Makes it easier to look at the camera more.

    More, more, more! Yay!

  • Loved the interview! I LOVE hearing about how people got started and the journey they took to get there. It is especially encouraging when you are at the start of your own. Thanks Monica and Rachel!

    • Hi Nicole:
      So glad that you enjoyed the interview – I say go for it! I am happy to chat if you ever need some tips as it relates to what you are working on – just e-mail me.

  • Wow! I’m so glad I found this today. I’m actually in Upstate NY and recently finished my business plan for a modern fabric store and sewing lounge and am days away from signing a lease!! I LOVE hearing other people’s stories and finding “kindred spirits” out there. 🙂 Thanks to both of you for a really fun interview. I would love to make it to one of the “Bank on you Bliss” workshops!

  • Monica Lee

    Melany, I am so glad you stumbled across us today, thank you so much for commenting! I just launched this site and feel like a bit of a new store owner myself!

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  • Nice interview, girls 🙂 I love how Rachael mentions more than once that “things changed” from her original plan. It is so important to pay attention to what’s working, what’s not and what you might have inadvertently missed when planning your dream biz.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed both interviews! I look forward to viewing more of them.

    Thank you and sharing with friends as well.

    Suzanne Urban

  • Rachel:
    I am in the midst of writing a business plan so just loved hearing your take on it all. I won’t be opening a retail, brick and mortar store, but my business partner and I have an online store, We’re in a holding pattern right now, so this was really good to hear. Yes, I like the fact that you say one must be open to change, and that what you thought would “drive” the store, hasn’t turned out that way. I may email you for more discussion: is that ok?
    These interviews, Monica, are wonderful and so informative. Great work!

    • Hello Libby:
      So glad that you enjoyed the interview. If you ever want to get in touch to talk more I am happy to chat.
      Good luck!
      – Rachel

  • Betz

    What a lovely looking shop! I can’t wait to go there next time I visit NYC!