Pierre Bonnard Posters


I wanted to feature the graphic posters of Pierre Bonnard. Though mostly know for his paintings, if you have been to Paris, you certainly recognize these posters. They are sold on every surface and product you can think of, maybe it was the birth of licensing, haha!  Pierre’s use of flat color and decorative line helped establish the Art Nouveau look of the late 1890’s. Art was becoming more decorative and public and it helped establish the new field of advertising. Crazy to think of advertising as being new at one point, right?

I wish every painter would dip into advertising work a bit and bring their eye into more of the everyday world. I particularly like the hand painted lettering in these posters.

Bonnard also designed furniture, developed textile patterns, painted screens, created stage sets, and illustrated books. I wonder if stretching his gifts like this was something he had to do for income or part of a calling of sorts to bring art into public spaces. I have always been a fan of the posters of this era.  I even had some hung in my apartment several years ago, I like the organic decorative shapes and graphic feel of them.


This one, below, is my personal favorite. I like the line quality and use of white space.

pierrebonnard_poster2 perriebonnardposter1

This lithograph was not used for advertising but it  has the same organic and graphic feel to it.