Phyllis Harris grows her business!

I received an email from today’s guest, Phyllis Harris a few weeks ago thanking me for my work Smart Creative Style and Smart Creative Women and then she let me know that she had TRIPLED her business since tuning into Smart Creative Women!!! Well, HELLO! Let’s bring her on the show!! Tell us how!     Tune in to this interview, Phyllis will tell you how she has shifted her offerings and her marketing but remained true to her authentic voice. She also talks about her journey in the Smart Creative Style Course. I was  so surprised when I saw her very first mood board from the course. I couldn’t believe how much it looked and felt like her art! You can  read some of the testimonials from other participants here. (Insert excited gushing) She has great tips on how she got started selling her children’s illustrations as wall art. There is no stopping her now!

phyllisharris1  [powerpress]
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  • Mihaela

    Wow, what a great interview. I love what Harris does and all her story. I wish I was also so lucky to be picked up for the Smart Creative Style, but it must mean it was not my time yet :). Thank you Monica for the great work you are doing here for inspiring us all

    • Phyllis Harris

      Thank you, Mihaela! I actually won this course so I did feel like it was meant to be and I was thrilled to be a part of it! It will be you some day! Just keep doing what you love and it will happen at the right time for you. 🙂

      • Mihaela

        This is what I came to understand, that everything falls into place when the moment is right, so I keep on painting and getting better at what I do. All the best, Mihaela ( )