Penelope Dullaghan artist, mom and creator of Illustration Friday

I met Penelope Dullaghan years ago when I participated in one of her first online drawing experiments. Years and thousands of entries later that experiment turned into Illustration Friday. It has grown into an international phenomenon!  What I like about Penelope’s story is how she tenaciously responded to reviews of her portfolio and translated that into becoming a highly sought after illustrator. Some of the clients she has worked with are the New York Times, United Airlines and Starbucks. She even gets to be discerning about what projects to take on. Not a bad position to be in, right? I know every time I check in with her she has done a fabulous redesign of her website. It turns out she just did a fabulous redesign on the Illustration Friday website as well! She has added donate button to the Illustration Friday site and why wouldn’t we? Penelope has managed to create community, have a glowing career, maintain a happy life balance and be a very content mom to her daughter.  Watch our interview and see how gets it done!

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  • I used to enjoy your videos, but lately they are so broken up. I think they load too slowly.

    • Monica Lee

      Hi, you know that have loading really slow onto Wistia when I put them up! I am glad you mentioned it. I will investigate

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  • Great interview with Penelope. I really enjoyed it. I learned a few good things and feel inspired to keep pursuing my illustration dreams. Thanks to both of you!

  • What a super interview! Lots of enlightening stuff, learned a lot.

    I’m glad Penny posted it on FaceBook because now I have you book marked too!

    • Monica Lee

      Oh Ellen! Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it!