Paused for a programming note, help and fun

I want what’s best for you, I want what works for me, Oy vey. Now I know why my favorite TV shows get moved around from Monday to Thursday to Tuesday! Programming or editorial decisions are hard.  So I am asking you what day of the week would you like to see a new episode with a new guest? Does the actual day of the week matter or do you tune in when you can? I would love to know your thoughts. The goal at Smart Creative Women is to keep you inspired, on track, and encouraged.  What I recently realized is that there was another word that kept popping up for me when I thought about Smart Creative Women and that word was FUN! If I were to really infuse who I am into the show, this business then…well, there has to be a good amount of fun!

So here it is MARCH and I have come up with my second word of the year and that is FUN. Admittedly, I had to go check on my first word of the year, it was DARING. Have I been daring yet? Hmmm, yes and no. I do have a couple of good (daring and fun) things up my sleeve. I feel another Extreme Dreaming Board coming on! I created a private pinterest board for the people who downloaded Smart Creative Dreaming. I have to hand invite everyone so be patient with me on that front. This leads me to my next announcement, I am looking for some part time assistant help. I need someone who is comfortable with  basic web technology/social media if you have any graphic art skills it is a bonus but not required. Email me.

On to fun links!


I like to watch  Garance Dore’s video’s and she has a new series called This is Trending. Garance is a fashion photographer and at the very end of the video as she is recording, she spots someone she thinks might make a good photograph. It cracked me up. I like that even though she is doing video, she can’t get away from her roots of  being an observer. So what I think is “trending” is being yourself, doing what comes naturally for you and your personality.


I always promise new guest that coming on the show is easy peasy but when I saw this from Etched and Sketched , I realized I may  have been misspelling peasy. Luckily they come on the show anyway!


Fun idea:

When I was rabbit trailing on the internet,  I was led  to this tumblr site, The Perfect Bucket List and I found at TO DO that works for me. Not too late  in 2013 to choose a another word for the year, right?


TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS WHAT YOU THINK! I need an executive board, don’t I?  But only if they understand my love of chocolate, pretty scarves and sparkly things.
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  • Monica, you are SO fun! No, I don’t care what day of the week the show comes on 🙂 I’m always happy when I see a new one (and I’m having fun going through the archives!) And…oh good! Someone else added another word to their year! I just changed mine and I was feeling a twinge of guilt that I wasn’t “sticking with the original” thanks for being real! Excited about the new stuff that is coming out. I think FUN is a fabulous edition. It’s so easy to get into the business part, trying to learn and grow….it’s easy to let the fun go. Thanks for all you do. Smart Creative Women is a definite happy, happy, place for me each week.

    • Monica Lee says:

      Melissa, Well, you can see that I had to look UP my original word so don’t feel guilt. I am right there with ya! ALTHOUGH, I do believe when we speak it out loud (or even type it, choose it) those words will find us! So FUN is probably a really good addition! Thank you for your thoughts on my “programming!”

  • Laura Hamor says:

    Monica! FUN and Daring go great together.
    You need a 2013 charm bracelet of all your words! (I wear my words on my wrist every day!)
    I am working with Vulnerability and Good Enough… “Don’t let the Perfect be the enemy of the Good”
    I watch the videos when I can. If you post it, and I need a procrastination/break/inspiration then I watch it right away. But I do tend to go back and listen again if I was distracted. So, i guess whenever you post is fine with me. I adore Smart Creative Women! Briliant!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Laura….a words charm bracelet! I love an excuse to do a tad of shopping. Very good idea. I like the Perfect quote! That makes PEFECT sense to someone with my type of personality. Oh, I am all over the puns today!

  • Lee Kellogg says:

    Monica, any day works for me, I listen when I get a free moment at work, so it’s a break treat for me. Keep up the great interviews and tips. Your work has become very timely for me and it’s been a push in a new direction, for the good! Thank you!

  • Cynthia Katz says:

    Hello Monica, For me it doesn’t matter what day of the week your video comes out. I usually watch them right away if I can. If not then I flag them for when I have time. About your navigation, I really liked it before when you had your guests separated according to what their profession was. I found that very helpful. Hope this helps. Thanks for all of your inspiring videos!

  • Lisa Hetrick says:

    Your emails always prompt me to go watch/listen. I will often put the video on and “move about the studio” while listening. Often, I will go back weeks, days and re-play what I’ve already listened to. For someone who works alone in a studio, it helps me to feel connected and inspired, not to mention all the amazing nuggets of goodness that I absorb. Thank you!

  • Annette says:

    Monica, the day doesn’t matter to me as I save your emails and watch them when I hit a creative slump. As others have said, listening to the videos is a form of creative connection for me too.

    • Monica Lee says:

      Thank you Annette! That is very nice of you to say!!

  • Betz White says:

    Anytime is great for me, just keep ’em coming! xo, betz

  • Leska Hamaty says:

    Your great Monica just do your thing!

  • What about Tuesdays and Thursdays?

  • Hello Monica. MJ here, checking in with one of my fav people out there because of all of your fantastic energy. I watch your videos as I can. Right now I am in the middle of one that I have to finish. Keep them coming. I love that you are always questioning yourself and your work and that makes me do the same. love you MJ

  • Bee Eastman says:

    You are a refreshing break in my day ~ I really enjoy the fact that I can come onto your blog as I have time and listen to it in it’s entirety.

  • I vote for Wednesday!

  • Tenaya Amelia says:

    Thursday has my vote~ It’s the sweet spot in the week for me. Also~ I can’t figure out how to watch your recent videos full screen~ Is that no longer an option? Thanks! ~Tenaya

    • Monica Lee says:

      Tenaya! Thanks for pointing that out. I had accidentally changed a setting on my Wistia account! I changed it back but doesn’t it scare you to see me full screen? ACK!

  • Suzanne says:

    Hi Monica Thursday was my vote too. I love that you say it’s hard to take in all the videos. I completely agree and have become selective simply because they get overwhelming. They’re great but time constraints…life…I try to limit what’s in my head to things I can actually think about! Thanks for a great blog. So glad my friend Lissa sent me the link.

  • Joy Hall says:

    I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays because of your videos! I can certainly adapt to a new day, but love having two a week!

    Monica, you do such a great service!

  • nadinemnemoi says:

    Doesn’t matter the day the video comes out, I enjoy it all the time 🙂

  • Julie says:

    Monica, you do a great job! I have looked forward to Tues. and Thurs. I do think having a specific day that you put out your videos is important. We come to count on that, look forward to it and when it changes I’m a little disappointed. You’ve definitely left me wanting more. If I can’t make it on Tuesdays, I know that there is a video on the site waiting for me. Thank you for your work, I love it.

    Oh…by the way, you look amazing, stop saying you’re an old lady. All of us younger ones are looking at you thinking “damn she’s got it goin’ on.” Keep up the great work, I love it!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Thanks Julie!! I just told someone yesterday I needed to stop calling myself OLD, hahahaha! And here I believe in the power of your words! I’m young! I’m young! i think I am just shifting to Monday and Wed for video and then my Who and What I am into post Friday then I will fill in other days. I want to post MORE, so I need to find rhythm.

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