Patty Young of ModKid Part 1, Get to know this dynamo!

It’s a 2 parter! Patty Young has such an interesting story, I wanted her to share it all! And she certainly delivers. She talks about the stress that led her to leave her corporate job to go out on her own. She shares her due diligence (i.e. stalking people on ebay) as she formed her own path into a successful sewing and designing career. Patty Young is now in her eighth fabric collection for Michael Miller fabrics. You won’t believe she how determined this woman is, she pushed up her sleeves and dove right in! You will love the first part of this two part interview, she is amazing! On Thursday Patty shares (in detail!) what is was like to start her own pattern company. Don’t miss out on her inspiring story! Part 2 goes live on Thursday!

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  • Oh no Monica! Thursday??? Awesome interview, CAN NOT WAIT to see the rest! I have loved Patty’s fabrics and dresses and what a deserving woman! Proof that great work ethic can and WILL get you there! Very encouraging, as usual!

  • betz White says:

    Hi Monica and Patty!
    Great interview, I can’t wait for Part 2 Thursday. I love Patty, she’s the real deal. Her story seems so linear in that one thing lead to another in such a clear and logical fashion even though she didn’t have it all mapped out from the beginning. Love that! Go Patty! 🙂

  • Patty says:

    Monica… thanks so much for the interview. It was so fun chatting with you that day and it felt like you were right here with me. You are so fun!

    Betz and Nicole, thanks so much for the comments! I certainly didn’t have this part of my life mapped out in any way, shape or form but it’s so awesome how it all tends to fall into place. Who knows what is in my future… I surely don’t! 😉

    Can’t wait for you all to see Part 2 on Thursday… I take you on a Virtual Tour of MODKID HQ. 🙂

  • Jenean says:

    What a fun, fun, fun interview!! I love Patty! So nice to hear more about her work and how she got started. Looking forward to Part 2!

  • Very inspiring interview Monica and Patty. I love that you shared the fact that you put yourself out there before you knew all the answers. So many people wait for perfection and therefore never start. You started – way to go! Looking forward to part 2.

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