Patty Young Part 2, Check out her new digs, listen to her secrets of surviving a start up!

It’s part 2 of my interview with designer Patty Young! In this half she gives your a tour of her new studio, AWESOME! Even her assistants make an appearance! But what is even better she talks about what it took to start designing for ModKid! All this juicy info made for two parts and you just can’t miss the advice that she gives out at the end of the interview! Tell me what you think, give Patty a love shout out!

Patty loves designing “spaces” these pictures are of her booth from Spring Quilt Market!

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  • betz White

    Thanks for the tour, Patty! I can only dream of such a space! And Monica, I like that you are asking some specific advice questions now. It’s great a great take away at the end. Thanks!

  • Thanks so much, Betz! You need to come visit me some time!! 🙂

  • autumn

    i of course love interviews, and this one was so much fun, lady!

    • Thanks for watching!

  • Patty is the best, love her! Another great interview, Monica!

    • Love you too, Genevieve!! Thanks for watching!

  • I’m forwarding this interview to some creative friends of mine, Wonderful to meet Patty, thank you Monica!


    • Monica Lee

      Woot! That is what it is all about! Thank you so much for doing that, Suzanne!

    • Thank you!!

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