Party like a Lulu (and a smart business woman)

Want to throw a party? Jessie Senese has got what you need! Her online store Shop Sweet Lulu has everything you could possibly want to surround your special event with a dose of fun and pretty! Turns out event planners and prop stylist like to party like a Lulu too, she has a BIG customer base! I find her story fascinating, it is the one-small-idea and the guts to do it part that I like! She was a  creative mom and blogger with an idea to sell some party supplies becausewell, she likes parties! In this interview she talks about her small start on Etsy (and why she got kicked off!) She has grown GROWN GROWN. From a bedroom office to her basement to a 10k  square foot warehouse and 14 employees, she has learned how to run an online business from the ground up! Tune in and see what she means by products having the “squeal” factor, how she keeps up with trends and her companies best social media tools! Jessie’s story is inspiring to say the least! She is one smart party girl!

shopweetlulu1 shopswetlulu2
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    • Monica Lee

      haha! Thank you-I like the term “fringe” it feel groovy!

  • vanachupp

    lovely girl, that Jessie! Enjoyed this very much, Monica! Again the power of ongoing incoming press can never be underestimated. And Shop Sweet Lulu is the perfect example of that.

    • Monica Lee

      I know, right? And some people just seem to get such good regular press!

    • Monica Lee

      Thank you-I am on the fence-but I will take your compliment as a pro vs a con, haha!

  • claudinehellmuth

    fabulous interview ladies! was so interesting to hear all about the party business!

    • Monica Lee

      I think you need to get some of your cute IDEAS manufactured and put in her shop ha-ha!(i’m just sayin’)

  • Phyllis Harris

    Wonderful interview and I LOVE your new do, Monica SO much!!!!!! 🙂