Part 2 Mary Engelbreit talks about the personal connection she has with people who buy her art

This is part 2 of my conversation with artist and businesswoman, Mary Engelbreit. I can’t tell you how much I liked to hear how she thinks when she creates her art. She genuinely plans with the recipient in mind. That is the personal connection that Mary’s work conveys. People recognize themselves in the art. I know I do. Do you think that is why “Naughty or Nice?” has always spoken to me? Ha!
In this half Mary discusses new projects and how she is mixing it up at the request of her young daughter (love it!) She even hints of something big and fun on the horizon…hmmm… she will have to come back to keep us in the loop!


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  • Deborah Velásquez says:

    Thanks Moncia for these interviews with Mary, a veteran in the business and so full of wisdom. I need to give her a shout out because I met her while visiting Surtex and the Stationery Show quite a few years ago and she gave me the best advice. I showed her some cards and magnets I had done with “Word Art” and she said keep at it, words will be huge, it is the way to go, especially on cards. Well I kept at it with my Word Path Series on my blog and I just got a licensing deal with my word art about eight months ago!!! Thanks Mary.

    Monica, I love the interviews, so inspirational and full of great business advise.


  • Beth Parker says:

    Loved it!  Thank you!

  • Love this second half!!  Thanks so much for having Mary on.  I too have all my old Home Companion Magazines and periodically look through them.  They still are amazing!! xo Evie

  • Settled in with a glass of wine and watched Parts 1&2 in one fell swoop…tears in my eyes from time to time…both from laughing, and from total, unabashed Mary idolizing!!! OMG. What a wonderful, splendid, yummy treat to get to see Mary up close and personal. Thank you, Mary and thank you, Monica…SO much. Loved every jolly minute. 

  • I can’t tell you how excited I was to make time for these two interviews. HUGE fan here. I mean like GEEKY fan-I think I would be too tongue tied to speak! But you did great Monica. (I also have all my HC magazines! I think I started getting them the 2nd year they came out-so I have 6 to track down! Seriously my all time favorite decorating magazine) Love hearing the inside scoop too- the encouragement and the words of wisdom. Love that you asked her what kind of paper she uses-Ive wondered that for years! Thank you to Mary and Monica. I will listen again and again no doubt. 

  • I really enjoyed this thoughtful conversation. Been an ME fan for some time. I like the fact that Monica brought up how Mary’s art business turned around and gainfully employed others, and this too is possible i.e. a) an artist can make a gainful living and b) can help others to make a living. Secondly, we purchased an antique home over a year ago, I couldn’t tell where my influence came from until I opened up some ME magazines that belonged to a friend of mine. I find the eclectic mix of old and new plus adding my own humorous esthetics was directly influenced by ME mags. As far as today’s decorating influence, I find they wouldn’t be here without the influence of ME and Martha-however the total look today is a little too clinical and cold looking on some of the blogs for me to embrace. The spaces don’t look like someone actually LIVES there. And the spaces don’t tell me much about the person who lives there.

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