Part 2 Marisa Anne talks social media, transparency and the need to be choosey

Here is Part 2 of my interview with Marisa Anne from Creative Thursday! (Make sure you didn’t miss Part 1.) This is such a fabulous conversation! Marisa shares her thoughts on social media, why she takes the time to ask herself the “where and why” to keep her voice genuine online. She also talks about believing in herself through the hard times and how she has dealt with debt and money!  I was excited to hear about her “creative love letter to people…” tune in and listen to Marisa explain that! She covers her  fabrics, an upcoming book, how she has gotten traditional press and how she has learned that some things just take time. She even turns the tables and asks me one of the harder questions that I dish out! Marisa Anne is truly an authentic voice in the creative community. Refreshing, don’t you agree?

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  • What a great discussion, especially about financial lessons. I think it’s a topic that so many of us are afraid to ask about… are almost ashamed to seem like we know nothing… it’s always hush hush and I think can make many of us feel very powerless, when it shouldn’t be that way.

  • This second part was wonderful as well! LOVED that Marisa recommends getting to know the companies you are working with. Very good tip!

    This was another wonderful interview, Monica! So timely for me, too. Keep them coming! 🙂

  • I just found your wonderful site through The Rise to the Top, and am loving it!
    It’s so gratifying to see an interview show/site dedicated to smart, creative women. I’ve watched a couple of the interviews, and can’t wait to watch more, great stuff!

  • thanks again for inviting me to join you Monica! Always great to chat with you and I’m so glad everyone is enjoying it!

  • Sue Allemand

    Oh…MY…Gosh — I have a major girl/bestie crush on Marissa! hehe She’s soooo honest, and true, and awesome! I could SOOOO be friends with her! Felt like I was in on the conversation with you two and even found myself trying to talk to the video! Wish we would have been talking like this over coffee or cocktails! I relate to a LOT of the trials and tribulations of finding your way, being in this creative world for over 20 years myself!

    I do have to say — back in the days of SCD (Society of Craft Designers – now defunct)us younger artists tried to rally and get talking about what we should accept or not accept as far as contracts, financials, etc. to develop some kind of standard for publishing & licensing art within the industry… and although SCD was an awesome resource for getting magazine editorials, product endorsements, design work, etc. – they did NOT want anybody talking about money! WHY? we asked…. they just didn’t want to talk about it. Different artists got paid differently and I guess because the board of the society were some of the more well established artists – therefore maybe got paid more than others – they didn’t want to rock the boat! IDK.

    Oh girls – I could go on forever… hehe – thanks for the “chat” – maybe we’ll get to do it in person sometime! And P.S. Monica — YES — I’m glad Marissa turned some questions on YOU! When are you going to do YOUR STORY?? 🙂

    Take Care!

    • Monica Lee

      Sue! I got such a kick out of your comment! You are so funny and so right-about everyone being paid differently. I do think it is ok to even get to the point of asking…what did you pay so and so for this job?
      As far as turing the tables on me….I guess I will work on it!