Painter Janet Hill elegant, glamourous and talented

Just look at this art! Love it! Omigoodness, it is so me! I couldn’t decide what to show you! I have been a fan of Janet Hill’s for some time now. To me she is an example of what you CAN do-create what you want to create and find and audience for it. She has a very successful etsy shop, she is crazy talented and  she is so nice! Janet is a perfect example of a fine artist making a living on her own terms.  I can’t believe she how she was discouraged from making painting a career path. That would have been awful, the world needed her to shine! (The world needs you to shine too!) Sometimes we need to push past other people’s preconceived notions of our chosen path.

I was so happy to interview her, I want to climb right inside her paintings and take up residence. You might like to hear what she has up her sleeve as well as how she makes her oil paintings into affordable art prints. I was surprised to say the least! I adore her art, you can see more of it in her etsy shop, Janet Hill Studio.

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  • Meghan Davis says:

    Beautiful work Janet!!

  • laura says:

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous art!! A great interview.

    I wonder if it is okay to ask a question. Well, I will ask, if Janet doesn’t feel like answering you can ignore this or delete it : )

    I see in your shop that your work is printed with epson ink. I bought a fancy schmancy epson printer and lovely paper, but the printer never works– lots of quirks. People have asked for prints but I spend a whole day trying to coax the printer to work. Do you use an epson printer? and if you do, which one? And is is quirky or does it actually work when you push print without a lot of effort? Maybe I have a dud.

    • Monica Lee says:

      I am glad you asked…I have the same printer Janet get little smudges sometimes on the edges…it may be my paper though!

  • cathi mingus says:

    Thanks Monica for interviewing Janet Hill. I love her paintings. She is proof that you can be successful doing what you love to do!

  • cathi mingus says:

    Also…great advise from Janet on not worrying about what you think will sell, but painting from your heart. I have a fairly new etsy shop and am just learning all this stuff.

  • Janet says:

    Hi Laura,

    I have an Epson Photo R2880 but I’m not sure if they make that model anymore- they may have merged it with something else. This one has been amazing- no problems at all. The first one we had (same model) had some quirks, but never did it not print. It would just spray ink sometimes (splatter it across the page) but that was only on occasion and usually after heavy use. I’m not an expert but it sounds as if there is something really wrong with your printer or maybe the software that is connected to it- like photoshop? Usually, I find that if the printer isn’t printing, the problem is with the software that you are using rather than the printer itself.
    Lastly, have you called Epson? Usually they will troubleshot with you to figure out what the problem is.

    Hope that helps!

  • Oh, sigh….I’m swooning and SO happy you interviewed Janet Hill!!! Thank you, Monica and thank you Janet. I am a huge JHStudio fan…almost at the stalker level! Janet, your color palette is divine, and I get such a kick out of your stories & your blog. You seem fun and “real” and down-to-earth, in a glamorous, femme fatale sort of way…not to mention that you’re just basically as beautiful as your art! Thoroughly enjoyed “meeting” you…thanks again to you both!

  • Shauna says:

    I too am a HUGE fan of Janet Hill’s artwork. It is absolutely goregous and I love every single piece she does. Infact I end up favoriting all of her artwork on Etsy and placing it on my ever growing wish list. I always get excited to see what she will do next. It was wonderful to watch this interview and I just loved your interviewing style Monica. So fun! Thanks for sharing your talent with us Janet and thanks for doing this interview Monica. Take Care!

  • Hi Monica and Janet! Oh I really had fun listening to your interview. Janet is so real and fun. I just get warm looking at her color scheme and style of paintings.
    I look foward to looking at new work in the future!
    Thanks to you both
    Laura K Aiken.

  • mary timmers says:

    Hi Monica and Janet, I am a devoted fan of Janet’s. I even own an ORIGINAL oil painting of hers. As a fellow artist, I know how hard it is to get noticed and to sell paintings. Until the economy tanked four years ago, I did fairly well having sales/shows out of my home. Things have changed, and I’ve had to change with them. Thanks to Janet’s story, I too have started a blog and opened an Etsy shop. I’ve been blogging for almost a year, and that in itself has been a source of personal growth and so much fun! The Etsy shop is pretty new,so I am being patient. Thanks so much for the interview with one of my favorite people!


    • Monica Lee says:

      Awesome, Mary, so glad you enjoyed it! Your blog and your work is really nice! I have a little white dog too!

  • suzanne says:

    I really enjoyed this interview Monica. I especially liked your comment about following your natural interest with one’s art when interviewing Janet. Thanks for not using the overworked word “inner voice” instead. I too am struggling with doing commercial versus what I want to do. . .but when you do what you want, the commercial interests that come to you accept your inherent style, thought and concept rather than forcing you as the artist to a copy cat of some successful commercial artist. Great interview to follow one’s natural, thoughtful instincts as an artist.

    • Heatherlee Iverson Chan says:

      Suzanne, I loved how Monica remarked about following you natural interest too! I relate to your comment the most Suzanne. That was a big discovery I made this year. I was always painting for other people, but not for me. Janet’s work is so beautiful. It really is a picture you want to step into (Mary Poppins, where are you?). I really enjoyed this interview! I am a latecomer, so I am trying to catch up on all the shows right now! It has been inspiring, educational, and so much FUN!

  • Greg says:

    Great interview. First one that I have watched. Very cool, down to earth and real. Nice job!….and Janet’s artwork is amazing!

  • Janet, your work is nothing short of stunning. I really enjoyed listening to you talk about your journey and the many paths it took for you to return to where your heart is…painting.

  • Janet says:

    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments- and thank you Monica for giving me the opportunity to talk about my work!

  • I just finished watching this – what a great interview – thank you! I have long admired Janet’s work, and, as a fellow Canadian artist, it is her internet presence and Etsy shop that gave me the courage to start my own. It’s still pretty new, but I’m hoping I can find my place in that art world.
    I was a commercial artist for years and I must say the snowman comment made me laugh out loud, because I really do have a phobia regarding Santas, snowmen, reindeer, please not reindeer again!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Really nice art, Sharon! I am glad found your courage….your work is lovely!

  • I can’t wait to watch this interview! She is one of my IDOLS! I LOVE her work.

  • What a wonderful interview. Thank you Janet for sharing your story-bad contracts and all! Hearing about your successes, stumbles, and growth is a true inspiration!! Once again Monica-you done good girl!

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