I rarely see watery collage work that appeals to me, but the work of Casey Matthews is simply lovely. It is just so fresh. I feel like I want to sink into her work like I would sink into a luxurious bubblebath and with the size of her work you probably could. She works large, some as large as 60 x 60. It does feel like her entire body gets involved.  Casey says, “I am always noticing patterns in nature and the way inanimate objects and shapes harmonize with each other. I’m inspired by color, how colors interact and react with each other, motion, flow, and organic repetition.” Casey lives in Amelia Island, Florida which I think lends to the rich palette and watery nature of her work. Yum!





In case you think you think that art lies in the hands of one particular kind of medium, (I know you don’t think that way) let me introduce you to  Oskishima and and Simmonds  gorgeous floral design. This 2 woman team, Chikae Okishima-Howland and Jessica Simmonds bring their own unique perspective to these theatrical blooms. They bring  a bit of English Cottage and the beautiful imperfection of Japanese Wabi-sabi  to their design aesthetic. It is a perfect balance of unruliness and quiet perfection. I love it! Hope it inspires you today!





Here is a shot of domestic shot of color  for you  via Henri Matisse. All this saturation is like sitting in front of a bowl full of candy. All the interiors have some sort of life or living presence to them. What a freeing way to see, think and paint. He used “intense color as a way of representing light and space.”   The color was not in the natural world of the spaces he painted, he used it to evoke a mood. If you are a big fan of his work  that it might explain why you like it. He was in control of the mood he expressed with the simplified shapes and colors he choose.

It you like the idea of that you might also like the interior design blog, The Jungalow, by Justina Blakney who recently wrote The New Bohemians. I feel like she should be sitting in or for one of his paintings. #ifyoulikethisyoumightlikethat How fun is that?







How delicious is this account!? I want to be them, but I have dogs and a mortgage. Wait, they did too! Well, I might as well live a little vicariously through their photos. Plus, it is always good to be reminded what a big beautiful world we live in! Follow them at @nodestinations .  If you have an account you love, tag it with #smartcreativeaccount and let me see it!