Jaclyn Carlson from Blog Society

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My guest today is blogger and creative community leader, Jaclyn Carlson. Jaclyn is an expat with a super cute accent who pulled up stakes in the US and moved to Australia. She was in search of creative folks to hangout with  so Blog Society was born! Jaclyn is another fabulous example of a women gathering like minded people in her community and via the internet. Her community is not just growing in the country she resides in but It IS possible to hang out “in person” with people that love the same things that you do! The catch is YOU might have to be the person to put it all together! Think bravely and listen into this interview where Jaclyn talks about how she built this passionate online and offline community! She has SO many ideas, tune in! If you are listening from Australia, Jaclyn wants to meet you!!




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Jessica Swift creates a Pattern Camp!



Today I am talking to Jessica Swift about her new program, Pattern Camp It’s a fun weekend online event where you can virtually meet up in your jammies and let Jessica teach you what she knows about making patterns in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Ms. Swift knows quite a bit about making patterns! Her lovely art has graced fabric, totes, rain boots, journals, all sorts of cute stuff!

Registration begins on Thursday September 11, 2014. TODAY!! 


When: Saturday and Sunday October 11-12, 2014  //  8am – 4pm PST each day

Where: the course takes place online, at patterncamp.com

Price: $189 USD (except if you sign up before 9/15 then it is $159!!) 

What: Pattern Camp is an intensive, 2-day online workshop that will teach people how to create their own repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in just 2 days. Live participation is not required — all the lessons are video-based and written, so participants can work through the material at their convenience. Access to the course and all the lessons will be available for one month after the end of the weekend. A private Facebook group will also be available and encouraged.

Click here to view more details! (It’s an affiliate because I love and believe in all things Jessica!)




Jane Hamill from Fashion Brain Academy

Audio Podcast:

Jane Hamill is my guest today and she is on a mission! Jane Says, “My goal is for every designer to make a living using their creativity while becoming business savvy – even if you hate sales and cringe at the idea of a marketing plan.”

As a former fashion designer and retail store owner, she is a woman with experience and she wants to share her experience with YOU. I loved talking to her-she offers such great wisdom even if you aren’t into fashion-she is offering up advice to any creator, maker, and artist in this interview. She talks about her own start which is a  fabulous, gutsy story! Fashion Brain  Academy offers online training courses and private coaching for fashion designers and creative entrepreneurs. She has a live bootcamp event this week in Chicago (and I get to go!) Too fun!

Tune in to today’s episode and soak up some of Jane’s wisdom for the savvy creative business woman in you!



Failure IS an option

Tom Henell is the husband of Monica Lee-Henell and chief marketing officer of our household. Recently we got him to share his wisdom over on the atly platform via a course titled Marketing 101. He is guest posting this week while Monica runs around NYC.


If I could provide you one piece of advice it would be to marry someone who is smarter than you.  It makes life so much easier when your spouse identifies your issues, challenges and solutions for you.  Now for the record, should you feel you may have already gone down the wrong road on this decision, don’t make any drastic changes.  Take pride in the fact that your spouse followed this advice…one of you had to.  But, I’m not here to provide marriage advice.  My intent was to talk about how we make decisions…big decisions!

The other evening, my lovely wife pointed out to me that despite my professional success, I have always worked either for someone, or with someone, and I have not undertaken an endeavor that was completely mine.  She further alluded that when you work for someone, it is easy to point the finger when things do not work out as expected.  When we are not completely in charge, we can blame others for limiting our potential.

The truth is, even when we are in charge, we tend to blame others for limiting our potential.  Specifically, we create excuses why things won’t work out even before we attempt them.  We may understand that we are not completely satisfied in our current role, but we blame time, money, and circumstances for why we cannot chase our dreams.  These excuses can be summarized as the fear of failure.  We are so afraid of failure, that we convince ourselves not to try.

My question for you is, why are we afraid?  Often times we mistakenly assume that staying loyal to the status quo is safer than forging our own trail.  I have news for you, there are no guarantees.  No guarantees of security if you continue doing what you are doing, and no guarantees that a new venture will be successful.

Considering that you only live once, would you rather stay stagnant and build a lifetime of regret, or would you rather take a chance and see what happens?

Too often we exaggerate the potential impact of choices in our lives (other than that choice to marry someone who wasn’t smarter than you).  Our lives are not a trial run for the next run around.  Given the option, I like to think I would choose to take a chance and fail, over the option of playing it safe and living a life that did not live up to my full potential.

There are numerous historical examples of individuals who failed, yet continued on to significant success.  Consider this quote from basketball legend Michael Jordan, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”  Failure is like jumping off the high dive.  It’s scary and everyone is watching you.  But, once you do it, you realize it’s not that bad, and you are ready to try again.

Accepting that failure IS an option is the first step to breaking out and living the life that you really want.  To be clear, I am not saying we should expect failure.  I am saying that we should not fear it.  For anything that we fear, controls us.  If we can loosen the control that fear of failure has over us, it gives us freedom to explore our dreams.

This won’t happen overnight, and I’m just exploring it myself.  But, I do believe it.  I believe that failure is not the opposite of success, it is simply a stepping stone in the process.



The Path to Enlightenment

Tom Henell is guest posting today. Tom is the husband and chief marketing exec of our household. He loves hiking, triathlons, puppies and fortunately me! He teaches Marketing 101 on the atly.com platform. If your creative business needs a marketing boost, Tom’s no nonsense approach can help! His course  and all atly classes (including Discover Your Passion) are 25% off today only! Use the coupon code LABORDAY25. The sale ends at midnight EST time!

image Tom Henell


I rarely see a “life quote” that I don’t like.  I know, it’s cliché isn’t it?  Maybe my real calling was writing greeting cards.  I’ve become an idealistic dreamer, quoting Viktor Frankl, Buddha, Jesus, and Helen Keller all in the goal of creating direction for my life.

  • “Live as if you were living a second time, and as though you had acted wrongly the first time” – Viktor Frankl
  • “The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows” – Buddha
  • “Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself” – Jesus
  • “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

The challenge is that most people, including myself, have fallen into the acceptance of deferred living.  Deferred living is when we accept what we have to do today in exchange for the false belief that one day we will change.  Retirement is the largest example of deferred living.  We agree to work for 50 years (more often than not at a job that we don’t like), to save money, so when we are 70 years old and our children have grown, and our house is paid off, we can then enjoy the benefits of life.  We conveniently ignore the reality that, assuming we even live to the point of retirement, we will be in a state of decreased health and mind.   

Even if you love your job, we make choices to defer living on a regular basis.  Our calendar itself is based around this.  We start our work week on Monday with the goal of making it to Friday so we can then start enjoying life again.  In reality, Saturday and Sunday are no different than any other day of the week, but we treat them like the Kardashians of the Gregorian Calendar.  One is no different than the others, yet is exalted in the public eye.

It reached a point where I wanted to scream at people in my office, “DON’T YOU KNOW YOU COULD DIE TOMORROW?  WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?”

In reality, I was no more enlightened than anyone else…despite the Kanji symbols for “Enlightenment” tattooed on my back.  As example by the fact that I am a Caucasian male from New England, who has never been to China, or Japan, and has a Kanji tattoo.

I had my life quotes, I had my Kanji tattoo, and I had a pressing urgency that life was short and I needed to do something about it.  I even tried to do things to show that I understood this better than anyone else.  I rode motorcycles, I did adventure races, I climbed mountains, I ran triathlons, and I posted it all on Facebook to prove my enlightenment. 

The truth is I was no more enlightened than anyone else.  I thought I understood the issue, but the difference between going through the motions and reaching a true understanding recently became apparent to me. Read More »


Stacy Altiery from Inkspot Workshop

Audio Podcast:

I met Stacy on a trip to New York City and loved her instantly. She is a bundle of fun energy and go get ‘em attitude. You will enjoy her story,  it is filled with good old fashioned ingenuity. She creates custom stationery and gifts for you and your furry friends at  Inkspot Workshop. Her customized gifts would be perfect for a special back-to-school treat and would make terrific holiday gifts. Tune in and hear about her first forays into computer graphics! Stacy is the perfect example of working her business out.  She didn’t let anything stop her from figuring out what people want and then figuring out how to make her business happen!



Are you sitting on untapped potential?

Audio Podcast:

Here is some Monday Motivation for you today! It is too easy to look at where someone else is and wonder if we will ever become all we desire to become. Even though we may admire people (ok and sometimes down right envy) we are all on the same journey. If you believe you are sitting on a part of you that is unrealized,  I believe it will come to fruition! Understanding if you are in giving or receiving mode can help you stay the course and also prepare your heart to release your potential!

Tune into today’s short video to see what I mean and then tell me what you think in the comments below!


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