Amy Butler sharing her heart and her business

This is a re-airing on my 2 part interview with the wonderful and wise Amy Butler. Every time I sit down and talk with I learn something amazing about myself (how does she do that?) She was so kind to join in the Smart Creative Style course to talk about the business of “Amy Butler”  and what tools she uses to lead her own brand.

Part 1

Part 2

What I realized is that when Amy Butler and I get together we talk!!! She has so much heartfelt insight on herself and the direction of her business, that I made this interview 2 parts. I was surprised and impressed by Amy’s candor in this interview. Surprised that she is so completely transparent about her business and impressed at direction that she is planning on taking it. Leave to Amy and David to really grapple with the very best way to serve their retailers and their customers, to ask hard questions about what works, what doesn’t and to come up with innovative solutions.  Her openness to listen to her own spirit and run her business effectively is inspiring!

I wanted to update you on what Amy has going on…SO MUCH!  She has a  new book out on stenciling!!  

amystencils  Teaching at Creative Bug (super cute project!), 2 new sewing patterns that you can download today and check out these ribbons!


I am dying over the new tote bag collection, Rose Imperial she has with Kalencom. This is is just SOME of what she is up to, you can check out more in the what’s  new section of her website!



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Amy Flurry wants you to succeed

My talk with AMY went over BIG! that’s why I am re-aring it AND why I asked her to take part inside the Smart Creative Style course! She has no nonsense advice for you!

Artist, editor and author Amy Flurry has got some things to share with you!! You don’t want to miss this episode. Amy unlocks some  secrets for you on how to gain press for you and your brand. Can’t afford a PR team? That’s okay, she says you can do it yourself.  I had to know how! Amy’s experience as an editor and freelance writer gave her insights that she is sharing with you. She has been featured in Lucky, InStyle, Country Living,  Daily Candy and Design Sponge, the list goes on!   Now she wants to help you get good press. She says editors, online magazines and bloggers are looking for you and your product to feature and that there are a  just few things you need to know. Tune into the interview to find out. You can also check out Amy’s book, Recipe For Press. In it she shares real life examples of creative entrepreneurs who have garnered their own press that has helped grow their businesses. Amy breaks it down for us!

She also talks about getting her own stylish paper sculptures national press. It led to some pretty sweet collaborations.  She’s smart, she’s talented and you need to get to know her!



How about these paper sculptures?! Incredible, right??



Melanie Burk a master of the designed identity!

I am a HUGE fan of Melanie Burk and her  work.  I KNEW she had to be apart of the Smart Creative Style course! She showed up in spades in side the course fighting off morning sickness (baby on board too) to deliver fabulous material! Today I am re-airing my interview with her. 

Today’s guest does not give up!! She totally cracked me up when she talked about how she “got started.” You are going to love this!

Melanie is the mastermind behind Fifth and Hazel. Fifth and Hazel is a design firm that has launched new websites, started new marketing campaigns, designed new logos, and done work around the world. Her work ranges from large scale campaigns to personal wedding invitations.

It doesn’t stop there, she also teaches classes at Nicole’s Classes. Listen in as she explains what and how…

Think that’s all she does? She and Alma Loveland just started a darling company called Caravan. Digital downloads, baby, you know I love them and these rock!

Melanie has some kind of CAN DO spirit…this episode is motivating!!



fhwedding-1 sarahjane

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Picking a scholarship winner…

Ok hard hard hard! Watch the video to see what I mean! AND stick around to the END where I do a surprise pick. Yep, that’s right I choose one winner from the emails  and then I put every name in a bowl and picked another scholarship winner. I simply could NOT choose just one! Watch the video to see if you are a winner!

The course is coming  together and I am so pleased. If you didn’t get picked and you really think it is a good fit for you then by all means consider joining us. You can register here.  Sometimes taking a leap and investing in yourself is a BIG decision, I so know that. All I can tell you is, the times I have done it it has genuinely propelled me forward. So much forward that here I am hosting Smart Creative Women and designing a 6 week e-course to help you (ok and me!) Who knew. I can honestly say all the decisions that I have made have brought me one step closer to my own goals and heartfelt desires. I am so grateful for that.

I am so sorry  I couldn’t pick  all of you,  thank you very much for your heart felt entries. They meant SO much to me. I love you guys.

The course begins next Tuesday Sept 24th!



Birthday’s, hard drives and a big giveaway!

It’s my birthday month, week, weekend, ok it’s Sunday…but in honor on the ongoing celebration

I am giving away a scholarship to the course!  ($440 value, eek!)

 This is all you have to do to be entered, watch both today’s video and this video, email me at and tell me why understanding your creative style would be good for your business! I have complied SO MANY resources for this course. It is really shaping up to be a complete look at your business from start to finish. What is your style, what are you selling, who is your competition, how are you going to market your business…how to unhook from the need to be validated (special surprise guest coming on for that!)  We look at the nuts and blots of applying your style to your logo and website and the core values and TONE of your creative business. We jump into social media, and growing your audience. Whew? Are we done yet?! NOPE. You will put together brand guideline and a visual “brand deck” and THEN  we  will talk about getting press!

Do you think you will pick up some gold nuggets in this course???

I have, just by putting it together! Stepping back and taking a look at the big picture is a really good thing!

Email me and tell me why you think if would be good for you! I am picking the winner on my birthday! So you don’t have much time to enter! Midnight EST on the Sept 15th (my ACTUAL birthday!) is the deadline and I will announce the winner Monday! WOOT! For a bonus entry you can tweet: I just entered to win a spot in #smartcreativestyle (The tweet button under the video will work also) Make sure you email first! Yeah You!


Do you have a favorite birthday?

Tell me your favorite birthday of all time below and enter to win this darling journal.


I have just been so taken with this cute journal that Heather B. and I worked on together, I had to share!



Vana Chupp builds a successful online business!

Here is a re-airing of my interview with Vana Chupp from Le Papier Studio. She is simply one of the sharpest women I know and she shares FAB tips inside the Smart Creative Style course.

You are going to love this one! Vana Chupp is the owner of a fast growing online retail shop Le Papier Studio. Originally trained as an architect, Vana had some other passions hidden inside her and in 2008 inspired by her first baby, she launched her own business.  She specialized in charming, intimate silhouettes and I just love how she started with one idea and has managed to successfully expand that idea into a multiple product line. You are going to like her story!

Hear how she balances time customizing her products, how she started on etsy, left etsy and why she went back. She also discusses how she garnered media attention. Interesting! You are going to like her no nonsense advice. Now she has 2 little ones at home to inspire her but how does she manage all that and business too? Watch the interview and see what she has to say! Too funny! She is also the author of 2 books published by Chronicle, Pretty Paper Parties and Silhouette Art.


Here is a fun  gift idea!! Personalized jewelry for mom, girlfreind or for yourself! It’s a unique way to keep everyone close to your heart :) Love it!



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Stephanie Ryan the sweetest powerhouse you will ever meet!

Here is a re-airing of my interview with Stephanie Ryan. She shares how she put together her “brand deck” inside the Smart Creative Style e-course

Welcome to the beautiful world of Stephanie Ryan! I have absolutely loved Stephanie’s work and aesthetic since the moment I met her. Her painting technique is uniquely her own and she works in one of my favorite mediums, watercolor!  Stephanie’s story of resilience, a long term illness, is truly an inspiration. She shares how she took up watercolor while she was sick in bed because she just had to create something beautiful. Wow! That type of drive and inner spirit is going to take her places beyond what she can imagine – I just know it! Her work is beautiful and her spirit is as well. She shares sweet pieces of her spirit on her active blog.  Keep an eye on her, she is one to watch! Tune in to her story, it will inspire you too!

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