Children’s book artist Sarah McIntyre out for some fun!

Children’s book artist and cartoonist Sarah McIntyre is just a bundle of fun. She is an original spirit for sure. She is a prolific illustrator and writer  (and cartoonist) she also seems to be quite passionate about enjoying herself. What a breath of fresh air she is. She has a terrific active blog and web presence.   She works tirelessly at keeping  everything up-to-date  but I didn’t get the sense for one minute that it was a “chore.” She challenges herself to show up online in all sorts of unique ways, I just love it. You have to tune it and let some of her fun rub off on you!

You can hear how she has collaborated in a really unique way with Philp Reeve for their new book Oliver and the Seawigs.  (Note: all the activity sheets that she has added to her site with the release of the book…she is a smart cookie too!)

Sarah loves to draw, she has certainly found her calling, don’t you think? Just take a look at this travel comic she did from a recent trip to Alaska!



If you have kids or are a teacher (or just want to have FUN)  you might enjoy her activity sheet from her book “You Can’t Eat a Princess!” here.



An inside look at the Smart Creative Style Course

I don’t know what is making me happier this morning putting this course together or learning new technology to make this video!! This was a creative exercise for me! Woot! The girl CAN still learn new tricks, who knew? 2 days for a 3 minute video and I thought illustration was time consuming! Haha! I had so much FUN, it was a labor of love!

Tell me what you think! This  video gives an inside peek at what is happening the Smart Creative Style Course!!  I  am also making a special announcement today, that I have decided to limit the class size so the people taking the course can get one on one feed back within the course. I think everyone wants to be seen when they are going through an exciting process (I know I do!)  So with that, I will limit the class size. If you have been thinking about it, this would be a good time to jump on board  and even take part in the Spread the Word Discount. The class is a little over halfway full at this point.

For those of you who have asked, there is not a lot of “homework” per se. No rights or wrongs or fill in the blanks, but setting time aside for participation which could be about 2 -3 hours (more if you are really wanting to explore) a week will make sure you get results out of the course. Am I running the class again? (Another question that I have been getting emails about) I will be honest when I say, I don’t know.  I would love to but I also will say I have a couple on upcoming projects that will begin right as this course wraps up so I will have to make the call time management wise.

I do know that I really want class participants to been seen and heard, so I am setting aside a chunk of time for the running of the class. It’s all about you,  baby!

On the fence? You can check out all the videos leading up to this over at Smart Creative Style. Grab your seat!


Who and What I am into this Week: Making a style statement with Fall shoes


It feels like Fall lately in New England, so we might as well talk Fall shoes! Oh yes! Let’s do!

Oxfords don’t look fabulous on girls with chubby ankles but if my cankles where smaller, I would wear these. If you are feeling fun and feminine, these ruffled boots would be fun. I like a bootie because that are easier to walk in that heels and I like that these have a closed toe. Would these be great with some awesome socks? (See how practical I am even when I am impractical?)

I REALLY fell down the rabbit hole when I found Shoes of Prey. You can design your OWN shoes!! They  have all sorts of materials. I adore calf hair (sorry Ms. McCartney, the Texas girl in me just digs it!) So if I were to try ONE pair  so I could report back to which ones would it be? I like a bootie because you can also wear socks with them in the winter. A girl needs warm feet. I also like that you can dictate the heel height on this site. I am a tad embarrassed to tell you how much time I spent on this website. But hey, I am a girl and it is Friday!


I found myself designing with red even though I don’t wear much red, I seem to like red shoes! Pick one for me…oh and yes, that is brown glitter with a leopard heel. Full disclosure, I own leopard wedges and leopard heels…Oh! And a leopard handbag. Now this is just getting embarrassing…


P.S. I found these last night…if you really want to have some fun.



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Jessica Warner turns her passion for textiles into Twofold

Twofold was created by Australian native Jessica Warner Stites to channel her passion for distinctive textiles. She decided to open an online store to feature the remarkable work of textile designers. When she contacted me, I thought, “Perfect, women supporting women.”  Passion supporting designers. Jessica is a perfect example of marrying her creative passion up with the designers she showcases. Designers NEED outlets to sell their goods through.

Twofold offers a carefully edited selection of scarves, bags, table linens and fabric goods from designers who stand out for their inventive patterns and old-world craftsmanship.

Of course, I ask her the nitty gritty aspects of opening an online store…because we all want to know! She is a go getter and is opening a  Pop-Up Shop at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art on Tuesday, August 20- 25. If you live in or near Boulder CO, join her for the opening and drink a glass of bubbly!

P.S. Let’s raise a virtual toast to Jessica since it is her BIRTHDAY today!! (insert applause sounds :))



Tom Henell on Experience Marketing

He’s baaaaaack! Mr. Marketing, and my husband, Tom Henell. In every relationship you learn so much from your partner, who knew when I married him (10 years ago this week!) that I would learn so much about marketing as well! Is that what they call a ” twofer?” Tom is going to educate, inspire and challenge our ways of thinking about marketing your business in the Smart Creative Style course. I like that he brings in an objective voice into my creative business. Whenever I have yet another crazy idea, he always manages to bring me back around by asking, “What would be your goal in doing that?” Ahhh, the voice of levity. Then I have to explain myself, IF I can. Tom Henell is a man that consistently sees the BIG picture. when you are marketing your business, that is a GOOD THING. You can see who else we have added to the course over here! There is still time to sign up and to take advantage of the SPREAD THE WORD DISCOUNT.

Listen in as Tom explains “experience marketing.” 



Amber Kane interviews me!

An interview of me, ACK! Now I know what a guest feels like when it comes times to share an interview of themselves. It conjures up feeling of self indulgence, which is not an emotion we should have when we are marketing ourselves and our products. I realized that I have artfully hidden behind marketing and promoting everyone else the last couple of  years. I do the shorter Monday  videos but I am not talking about myself (Well, not the whole time) I feel like I am talking to you.

After watching this myself I realized a few things:

1) Everything in my journey (even being a flight attendant)  has led up to what I am doing now and that starting Smart Creative Women may have come out of my own need to interact with women (audience and guests!)

2) That my  “business plan” has dramatically changed in the last  year.

3) That I get scared and nervous too! Launching an e-course has made me vulnerable in an unexpected way (more on that on Monday!)

4) I am wiggler, something that bums me out when a guest does it. The skype call can’t keep up with all that digital information but it is hard not to do!

Just one more….

5) I work really hard a getting decent  screenshots (Thank you, Wistia) of the interview and You Tube always manages to get the ickiest ones. Ugh. I am sort of surprised vanity has not gotten the best of me doing video.

By the way, Amber Kane is a pretty smart creative women herself. She creates beautiful hand loomed scarves. Take a look at Amber’s woven scarves, they are one of a kind treasures.


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Whitney English on staying creative

Listen in to this very special interview with Whitney English. Whitney is stationer, designer, entrepreneur and most importantly, a mother of three. She shares her journey in this interview, the highs and the lows. If you have followed Whitney’s blog you may know she has been talking very openly about what it means to her to be authentic and open. In this interview she gets very candid about her business, the stationery industry and her future plans.

You’ll also hear what went into designing her new organizational products including the best selling Day Designer . You can check out Whitney’s etsy shop here.




You  also  can learn more about The Stationery Academy which takes place late August, here.




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