Linda Sivertsen turns dreams and visions into one hot career

I just loved talking to Linda Sivertsen aka The Book Mama! I usually do a synopsis of  the interview when I write this post. I don’t even know where to begin. I had a couple of mini revelations during our talk. Your takeaways may be completely different than mine so you simply must tune in!  She has helped business leaders, celebrities, Emmy and Academy Award winners and everyday, nervous new writers compose their stories. Do you have a book inside of you? She consider’s herself a book mid-wife. How is that for a job/marketing idea/title/calling?! I love it and truthfully, I just love her. Linda’s vibe is a perfect mix of zen and zest! She is infectious (in a good way!) Sign up for her newsletter, keep up with her blog, buy Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, invest in yourself through one of her luxurious retreats, whatever you do keep up with her! I think she brings out good things in people and you know I like that!





Don’t underestimate where you are!

Short Monday morning video offering words of encouragement for you!  Don’t underestimate where you are or what you have been given. Take a moment today and be completely happy with who you are and where you are!



Who and What I am into this Week: A Walk on the Natural Side

As we are putting our first mood boards together during the first week of Smart Creative Style, I am blown away by some of the imagery that people have found! Isn’t it amazing how everyone “sees” differently? The amount of stunning photography available to us on the web is stunning. Even though finding a decent permalink is like finding a needle in a haystack. Let’s all pause here and be grateful for the talented photographers who are able to take what God gave us and bring it right into our homes.  Here are a few favorites that I can’t shake out of my head. Sink in and enjoy the view!







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Ronnie Walter, artist, writer and smart aleck

Ronnie Walter is a hoot! (And she uses the smart aleck phrase on her on website, thank you very much) I enjoy her when she pops into the Smart Creative Women Facebook page. She  always has a clever quip to add. Turns out she has quite a few “quips” and she has complied them to a book! This book isn’t just a hilarious tale of her art career (which is quite funny) it also gives you an inside look at the world of art licensing. Ronnie manages to dish some really good info about the business of making art for a royalty. As the other half of the Two Town Studios team, Ronnie offers a unique perspective on life as an artist AND life as an agent to artists.  Personally, I like it when agents have created art at some point in their careers. They are empathetic  when you scream “THEY WANT IT WHEN!!!?” into the phone. Listen in as Ronnie dishes about her new book and the state of the “industry” as I like to say.

P.S. I found her writing to be laugh out loud funny AND there is a really useful glossary of licensing terms in the back. You know I like practical and funny mixed together! You can find her book here



Organization requires a plan! What?

Are you and your business in a fog, working from deadline to deadline without a business strategy? Story-of -my-life! Or at least some of my life…I guess I did pick up a few tricks as a flight attendant that I have been applying to my business. Who knew? Watch this video and see what I mean!

Monday is the very last day to sign up for Smart Creative Style, the course will help you demystify  your business! Hello! Why didn’t I study that in college? They need a college course called Creative Business Demystified. The good news is, I put my nose to the grindstone and laid out a PLAN for your creative biz! Smart Creative Style will clarify all the nuts and bolts (the stuff that you THOUGHT would make you yawn) Best part is, it will help you nail your creative style AND your branding. The complete package. I know, that’s quite  bit, but I am a big picture type of gal and I think it is important to know where you are headed. No more treading water!


Join me! It is going to be oh so lovely!!



Brenda Pinnick tells a color story

Have you seen what Brenda has been up to lately?! Anyone who has been following her journey the last year on Facebook has been thoroughly blown away by her work. When she decided to go for broke and concentrate on her deep love of painting, it was like a fire was lit under her. She has been producing art that is not only gorgeous but filled with passion. I had to bring her into Smart Creative Style! Here is a re-airing of our original interview. How about this vibrant work of hers!? Yum!

Artist and colorist Brenda Pinnick is a bundle of fun energy. You may not need a cup of coffee to watch this interview! She had me laughing before we even began.  I don’t think I have ever seen anyone embrace color and all it’s nuances like she does. Brenda is such a firecracker! Her background of working at Hallmark and Plaid helped her realize she wanted to be working and coloring her own world as an artist. Brenda has been fearless about stepping into opportunity, a really important trait for a women working for herself.






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Amy Butler sharing her heart and her business

This is a re-airing on my 2 part interview with the wonderful and wise Amy Butler. Every time I sit down and talk with I learn something amazing about myself (how does she do that?) She was so kind to join in the Smart Creative Style course to talk about the business of “Amy Butler”  and what tools she uses to lead her own brand.

Part 1

Part 2

What I realized is that when Amy Butler and I get together we talk!!! She has so much heartfelt insight on herself and the direction of her business, that I made this interview 2 parts. I was surprised and impressed by Amy’s candor in this interview. Surprised that she is so completely transparent about her business and impressed at direction that she is planning on taking it. Leave to Amy and David to really grapple with the very best way to serve their retailers and their customers, to ask hard questions about what works, what doesn’t and to come up with innovative solutions.  Her openness to listen to her own spirit and run her business effectively is inspiring!

I wanted to update you on what Amy has going on…SO MUCH!  She has a  new book out on stenciling!!  

amystencils  Teaching at Creative Bug (super cute project!), 2 new sewing patterns that you can download today and check out these ribbons!


I am dying over the new tote bag collection, Rose Imperial she has with Kalencom. This is is just SOME of what she is up to, you can check out more in the what’s  new section of her website!



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