Oh My! It’s Jessika Hepburn from Oh My! Handmade Goodness!

You have got to meet Jessika Hepburn! She is a spitfire, firecracker, bundle of joy! Her energy is palpable!

She is the editor, manager, cheerleader and visionary of the website, Oh My! Handmade Goodness.

Here is an over view of what Oh My! Handmade is all about…

 Oh My! Handmade is a creative community, plus your best friend, biz mentor, supportive network, and enthusiastic cheerleader! With over 40 inspiring contributors, thousands of readers, the contributors explore monthly themes through daily posts and weekly #OMHG chats. From ethics to DIY branding to building a heartfelt business, and the vast galaxies in between, the OMHG community is waiting to welcome you. 

Awesome, right? You can tell in this interview that I am completely taken with Jessika and her mission. She explains the upcoming remodel of the website!           


I also ask her about the uber popular #OMHG twitter chats that she hosts and how it has helped her blog readership explode!  The chats take place every Thursday 1-2 EST. Let’s jump over today and send her some love. They are crazy fast and fun, I will try to keep up! See you there!

 I am so thrilled that she tackled the importance of being a HEALTHY entrepreneur! Bad habits can sneak up on us so easily when we are busy! Check out this download she designed to make sure you are taking care of yourselves. A must for 2013!

All I can say about this interview is: The Jessika Train is headed out of the station and you don’t want to miss it!


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  • Colleen Attara says:

    I had been watching Jessika from afar when I first signed up on Twitter and commenting here and there. One day Jessika reached out to me about Meet the Makers. I was completely over the moon. The experience was wonderful but what I really walked away with was a very up close look at how Jessika magically engages creative spirits in her vision.  She created a “community” that is as much a part of my day as my morning coffee. I am amazed she is not even 30……so much wisdom and energy!

    I am so happy to be part of her world and really thrilled with all the wonderful things happening for her. Great interview Monica….wonderful questions.

  • Katrina Marie says:

    Hi Jessika, I would LOVE if you had a course on Community Building! I’m working on a couple websites with online sewing and fashion design classes for kids (KidsSewing and LittleFashionDesigners). It would be great to gain more knowledge in how to build them into communities. I enjoyed your interview and will go check out your site, as well! Creatively, Katrina Marie

  • Katrina Marie says:

    Hi Monica, I just want to thank you again, too! I really mean to say thank you every time, because I do watch every one of your episode! It’s almost like a little treat I give myself to spend and hour every week watching you and your lovely guests. Creatively, Katrina Marie

  • Phyllis Harris says:

    Great interview!! Must go check OMHG out, now! 🙂

  • claudine hellmuth says:

    fabulous interview!!! if you host Jessika at your place Monica I would be there in a heartbeat!! I would love for you to post a list of the various conferences you like to go to. i’ve never been to Alt or anything like that! 

    • Monica Lee says:

      Claudine…I swear-you have just about convinced me to have a giant party for Smart Creative Women everywhere! What would you like to do at a get together besides GAB!?

  • Suzanneurbandesigns says:

    “Edgy and Happy” I like that, as I feel that’s what I am! This interview was an absolute joy, Miss Jessika is such a bundle of positive but authentic energy.


    • Monica Lee says:

      I liked that sentiment too-she almost made me want to go out and get a tatto!

    • Tattoos for one and all! I love the mix of edgy and happy-rockabilly housewife would be my alter ego;) Thank you so much for your lovely words! 

  • Sadee Schilling says:

    Hi Monica! Loved this interview! Since Jessika mentioned how she loves when “lurkers” come out of hiding and join the community, I wanted to finally leave a comment and say how thankful I am for you and Smart Creative Women. I’m not typically a lurker at all, really. I just have had a quiet few months as my little girls have started pre-school and for the first time in nearly four years I have time alone to work in my studio. You and your interviews have been a lifesaver for me as I get settled into this new routine–which I have discovered can be quite lonely! ‘m getting caught up on all of your guests and I just love feeling like I have some lovely friends in the room with me as I work. 

    It’s so wonderful to get to know you through your videos! I look forward to “hanging out” with you every week. You are so encouraging and have such a bright spirit. Not to mention how AMAZING a resource you and your guests are. WOW. Am I learning a lot of invaluable information! Can’t say “thank you” enough!!!

    What you said today about CHOOSING to be joyful and  radiant really connected with me–it’s actually a belief that is part of the branding I’m working on for my own art business! I’d love for you to stop in and say hello sometime. Thanks again, 


    • Monica Lee says:

      Sadee! You are so thoughtful, you made my morning! I love that Smart Creative Women is keeping you company. And your work is gorgeous, it does radiate!

      • Sadee Schilling says:

        Oh Monica, thank you! You make my day all of the time; just thought it was time I let you know! 😉

    • What an absolutely beautiful comment Sadee! Monica is blessed to have a lovely reader like you here! I find that often with people who watch quietly they are waiting to feel safe but when they do come out & join in have so much to offer the community. I’m celebrating you stepping out! 

      • Sadee Schilling says:

        Thanks, Jessika! I’m excited to check out the community at Oh My! too. Sounds like the perfect place to feel safe and to belong :).

  • Linda Tieu says:

    Love Jessika’s gung-ho attitude – thanks for sharing through this interview. It definitely pepped me up a lot. I’ll have to check in on the chats as well… although sometimes it is information overload! Looking forward to seeing the new oh my website 🙂

  • Hi Claudine! Oh I would just love to come and visit you to build community with Monica! Let’s plan to make it a reality! We would definitely gab, and create, and plan a project of community goodness. I’m ready to hop on a plane now:) 

  • I hope you enjoy visiting our little pocket of online goodness:) 

  • Hi Katrina! I can pinky swear promise you that courses on community building are in the works. Both online at your own pace + coming soon to a town near you! I also currently do consultations on community development and can work with you to create a custom plan to engage your community:)  

  • This is the perfect example of why community is so vital & brilliant. When I saw you floating around on the periphery I was immediately called to your brightness & gentle compassion. I am so thankful I reached out to you & you repaid the gesture a thousand times by being an essential & valuable member of our community! LOVE YOU! 

  • Thank you Monica for introducing me to Jessika!!. As one of those beginner bloggers with handmade stuff, I feel very in the dark. Even though I’ve taken classes, it’s so good to know people like you and Jessika aligning the stars for us!! I’m feeling more of a community already and taking classes, staying current and always moving forward are my goal.  Can’t wait to go to a tweetchat and hear news of what Jessika has planned!!

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