Nicole Hill Gerulat talks about Nicole’s Classes online and managing her time!

Meet Nicole Hill Gerulat , a professional photographer and the founder of Nicole’s Classes. Tune in and listen to how her curriculum for online classes came about. You might realize that you have a new business right in front of you as well! I love to hear how some businesses happen organically. There is no right or wrong, I had heard of creative businesses that take meticulous planning and some that spring out of a particular need. Nicole is a woman who just pushes up her sleeves and gets it done!

Nicole talks about the trials of getting the web platform up and running for Nicole’s classes. She is a tenacious lady and certainly is not a quitter, good traits for an entrepreneur!

If you are interested in design, Photography, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc. you have to check it out! I also spotted Typography and Designing for the Web, all terrific courses to supplement your business. They even have a class on How Not to Be a Starving Artist! What? Love that! You can also keep up with the Nicole’s Classes blog, fabulous teacher tips!

Check out Nicole’s Classes and her photography blog, A Little Sussy! I love this blog post Nicole did on Capturing Perfect Moments in Photography

She has also been introducing craft and art classes…eh hem…which includes a Watercolor 101 class taught by yours truly! I am so excited!!!

Nicole’s classes has a special LAST CHANCE TUESDAY 20% sale off the courses today only…hence the “last chance” so if you have been thinking you might need to up your game and learn some new programs…this isn’t really your LAST CHANCE but you know what to do.

Some of Nicole’s lovely photography work:

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  • Phyllis Harris

    I can’t seem to get the interview to work…with either the main one or the audio only. Hmmm. I’ve never had trouble before.

    • I just tested the video and reloaded the audio. They both seem to be working, I can see people have listened today. But I think it might be glitchy-Nicole said the links didn’t work…I loaded this new commenting plug-in-but that shouldn’t be a problem but I will check. In the meantime…try either refreshing you brower or leaving the site and come back (Please-come back, haha!)

      • Phyllis Harris

         Ok, I just tried it in a Safari browser and it worked so maybe it’s a Firefox glitchy thing. And no worries…you can’t keep me away! Your interviews are just too good! 🙂

  • Love the quote about giving customers what they don’t know they need. That’s innovation 😛 Great interview!

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