New Yorker Magazine illustrator Victoria Roberts talks about reigniting her passion

Did you know I wanted to be an editorial cartoonist at one point in my life? Well, now that you know you can only imagine that I jumped at the chance to chat with cartoonist, Victoria Roberts. Victoria is a contract artist for The New Yorker Magazine. When I researched cartooning (back in the day) I was quite fascinated with the process and the type of personality that can do this type of work everyday. I really got a glimpse of her unique perspective in this interview. Victoria cracked me up when she compared getting rejected to acting, “You’re out of work a lot!”  She also made me laugh when she talks about the future of editors! Hilarious! I loved hearing what she has done to reignite her passion for her art.

Victoria is a multitalented artist-writer. She recently authored and illustrated the critically acclaimed novel, After the Fall, this delicious tale is a love letter to family, creativity, and New York.





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  • Katrina Marie

    Thank you Monica and Victoria for this episode! I was wanting to get back into fashion illustration so I could teach some of it in my upcoming Little Fashion Designers course. It’s been about 20 years since I’ve drawn anything other than sketches of dress designs. I have been so busy and honestly doubting if I could do it again. I know that I need to start soon! : )

  • Monna

    Great Point about Facebook!!! As an artist I do that when I don’t want to face the art! WOW, I work full time as a designer, part time as a designer, part time creating products. But I never thought about Facebook like that! very true. Great talk, yea, I am at work listening, and working. 🙂

  • What a thoughtful, interview giving us insight into how the publishing venue has changed for illustrators. LOVE Victoria’s cartoons, always have!


  • Also, I would love a Victoria Roberts Doll! 

  • LauraLH

    Great interview! I can’t wait to get your book Victoria! Great work!