Need Press? Amy Flurry has some ideas for you!

Artist, editor and author Amy Flurry has got some things to share with you!! You don’t want to miss this episode. Amy unlocks some  secrets for you on how to gain press for you and your brand. Can’t afford a PR team? That’s okay, she says you can do it yourself.  I had to know how! Amy’s experience as an editor and freelance writer gave her insights that she is sharing with you. She has been featured in Lucky, InStyle, Country Living,  Daily Candy and Design Sponge, the list goes on!   Now she wants to help you get good press. She says editors, online magazines and bloggers are looking for you and your product to feature and that there are a  just few things you need to know. Tune into the interview to find out. You can also check out Amy’s book, Recipe For Press. In it she shares real life examples of creative entrepreneurs who have garnered their own press that has helped grow their businesses. Amy breaks it down for us!

She also talks about getting her own stylish paper sculptures national press. It led to some pretty sweet collaborations.  She’s smart, she’s talented and you need to get to know her!



How about these paper sculptures?! Incredible, right??



  • JeneanMorrison

    GREAT interview!!!! Wow, I could listen to Amy talk all day– so much knowledge, so many wonderful tips! Thanks, ladies! Buying the book asap!

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  • Terri Conrad

    another great interview, Monica. Thanks Amy for sharing your insight!

  • Margaret

    I loved this interview!! It came just at the right time too! I’ve been doing some research on some of the magazines and who to pitch too. I will definitely buy this book!! Thank you!

    • Good timing then! It is a sign…..haha! You must do it now!

  • jane dagmi

    I love Amy and glad she turned me onto your site. This was great. Thank you.

  • BJ Lantz

    Great interview! Based on the information Amy shared, I am sure the book will be invaluable!

  • So glad I got around to listening to this one! (Had it hanging out in my inbox for safe keeping.) Super duper value interview ~ I am putting her book on my “to buy” list. Thanks, smart sassy ladies. 🙂

  • Such invaluable information. Thanks so much for sharing Amy and Monica! I will definitely check out Recipe for Press 🙂

  • J. Howell

    Thanks for the great info! Makes me know I need to purchase that Canon Rebel I’ve been dreaming of and rephoto everything!

  • meg @

    This was totally a great listen Monica – Definitely motivated a couple
    of things in me – 1. reinforced the importance of PR (even small PR) and
    2. to get out of that “we’re not ready yet” cycle. Its so easy to say
    … “when i’ll finish x then i’ll promote” ugh…

    thanks (as always) for the encouragement!

  • Cecelia

    Stunning paper wigs matched by a generous wealth of knowledge. Thank you Amy and Monica for helping me break out of working in a vacuum!

    • yes! take a housework break, good idea! Thank you Cecelia!

  • Jess from Twofold

    This was an incredibly helpful interview! I’ve just added a picture of myself to my website after Amy’s urging! 🙂

  • claudinehellmuth

    i just got Amy’s book. its’ really super!! thanks Amy!!

  • lots of great insight – wow!

    also, as I was listening to this I was thinking a lot of us have trouble finding our “story” – the interesting tidbits to pitch, blog about, talk about, etc… you know? it’s probably a pain point for many and would be great if there was a class or something around this topic 🙂

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