Need a website? Listen to Ryan Stansky talk about Squarespace

Today’s interview is with Ryan Stansky from Squarespace. Squarespace is a web platform for the “world’s most creative people.” I got a kick out of that when I read it on their website. Ryan runs through all the neat things about the product in this interview and I really wanted this to be a resource for you. If you need a nice clean portfolio website and you simply don’t know how to get started, this is the place for you. Super simple, super easy (as in you don’t need to write any code!) You don’t even need to hire anyone. (Fix Film Productions) You can see all sorts of fancy sites built with Squarespace.

We also added a business article to the articles section. IP Attorney, Kelli Poria discusses know when to sign and when to no to sign an artist/agent agreement
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  • Wendy

    Could have used this two months ago!!!! Very informative, might change my site over, Thnaks Monica Lee.

  • Wendy

    Could have used this two months ago!!!! Very informative, might change my site over, Thanks, Monica Lee.

    • Monica Lee

      I know what you mean! My site was built already…through pain and suffering but at least I got my son’s up and The Cardigan Girls have their own spot now!

  • JoAnn Catalanotti

    Hey Monica – Elisabeth cued me to watch this interview since i’m looking to redo my website (actually make it look MODERN!) and now i’m inspired to use this site builder! What great timing! Thanks, you smart creative woman! 🙂

    • Monica Lee

      JoAnn! How terrific! So nice to hear from you!

  • Wow! Talk about perfect timing!!! Thanks so much for sharing this interview! Now to
    just find the time around painting to go play with this! Thx again, Monica!

    • Monica Lee

      Kandy! I am so happy the timing was good for you!

  • Hi Monica Lee! I’m on SquareSpace and it’s true that it’s super easy. My site could be prettier. But that’s not the platform, that’s me!

    Anyway, I chose SS when I first started developing my business concept because I had so much to do and didn’t want to learn how to code and didn’t have any money to hire a developer. I also wasn’t quite sure what I wanted and thought I could use SS as a kind of preliminary canvas before switching over to WordPress.

    Now in B-School, I was thinking this might be the time to make the switch ’cause wordpress is so popular. But your interview here with Ryan has compelled me to see what I can do within SS first to improve the look and feel of my site, rather than making any too big moves.

    It’s true that I have total control of my site. And I LOVE that!

    Feel free to pay me a visit. Would love to hear what you think I could be doing better!

    Thanks much for the post! See you in B-School!