My Trend Report


….or my stuff that is sticking around report.  The internet is making trends happen SO fast. In Smart Creative Style once you find YOUR creative style, you can then decide which trends you will capitalize on (if they are a good fit) and which ones you will let pass you by! THAT is the beauty of understanding your creative style.

I complied a fun pinterest board of some trends that are  I feel are going to stick around for awhile, a couple of seasons anyway. One thing that is crazy “on trend” is fashion. I heard Garance say that fashion is the new rock and roll, which I thought was hilarious and true. The outside of  fashion week has turned into a mob scene. Fashion blogging is a form of self expression and (sometimes) self indulgence that is NOT going away anytime soon. If you stepped back and looked at the bigger picture, the way we consume  music and how we shop for clothes has dramatically changed. The fact that I can watch fashion week from my computer is just wild ! The turn over in fashion has always been a fast pace (faster than home goods) so I like to watch it for trends.

On to my completely unscientific trend report! Neon and pastels, navy and pastels. Navy and black. Just plain navy…making it’s way back as a neutral. Being a former flight attendant,  the fact that I am actually considering wearing navy again is a BIG deal. Animal prints as neutrals. Gold and black has just made GOLD the strongest trend in metallics. I am not  talking as if gold bullion was ever OUT of style but I think it’s heavy handed comeback is a reflection the economy fooling itself in to thinking it is robust.

Hmmm…what else? The cute forest animals have become big forest animals. Safari animals are big. (Giraffes, elephants and zebras, oh my!)

The New Look is new again and I just love that. Retro (still around and not going  anywhere) girls with bows and glasses, I like all that too. I love that dressing ladylike instead of  dressing slutty  overtly sexual is on trend (take that Miley!) Victoria’s Secret might want to rethink their clothing catalog.

Watch the video!!! I had fun doing it…although I am not sure I had everything come out of my brain in the right order. What are the trends that YOU see??? Are they different than mine??




  • April Heather Art

    What a great way to start Monday morning Monica!! I’m chuckling and giggling at your funny observations–thanks for keeping me company here in my studio!! So over mustaches! and chevron for too….

  • Heather Boissonneau

    I told my husband that I wanted to do navy and white in our kitchen and he said “OH NO! Yuck, I HATE navy and white!” So I told him to go pick out some colors for the kitchen walls and he said he wanted a dark blue… yeah. He maintains that it’s not navy and I maintain that it is. We’re both happy, Hun with is not-navy kitchen walls and me with my navy kitchen walls. Same room. Semantics apparently are important.

    I really like just a touch of neon. I survived the 80’s neon fad which was pretty awful. The Purl Bee has some really pretty projects with a little neon and Decor8 had some rooms with just a touch. Never on nails though. Ugh.

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